How to Request an Oxnard College Transcript

Transcripts can only be released to or upon written request by the student. This applies to all students regardless of age. You may request official copies of your Oxnard College transcripts by completing and submitting a Transcript Request form at the Admissions and Records Office. Faxes are not accepted, and official transcripts cannot be sent via fax. Requests are accepted by mail providing they include all of the following information:

  • Your Full Name (Include Prior Names)

  • Social Security Number or Student ID Number

  • Date of Birth

  • Approximate Dates of Attendance

  • Very clear instructions as to where transcript is to be sent.

  • Daytime Phone Number

  • You must sign the request.

NOTE:  IN-PERSON TRANSCRIPT REQUESTS CAN ONLY BE SUBMITTED BY THE STUDENT TO THE ADMISSIONS OFFICE.  (Photo ID required) Do not send a parent, relative or friend to request your transcripts.  All college students, regardless of age, are required to the release of their own transcripts.

Optionally, print, fill-out and mail this Transcript Request Form (PDF)

Transcript Fees

Every student is entitled to two transcripts free of charge. Thereafter, transcript fees are:

  • Regular Processing - $3.00 per transcript - mailed (allow a minimum of 2 weeks for processing*).

  • Rush Processing - $5.00 per transcript - (Mailed within 5 working days*. Transcript may be available over the counter when working conditions permit, call the Admissions Office for more information).

  • Unofficial Transcript - Available in the MyVCCCD web portal or at the Oxnard College Admissions and Records Office. Cost: Web transcript - no charge. In person: $1:00. Picture I.D. required.

  • Please make checks payable to Oxnard College. Do not send cash or credit card information.

*Processing time does not include mailing time. All transcript requests are mailed through regular mail, including Rush Processing. TRANSCRIPTS CANNOT BE FAXED.

Send transcript requests to:

Oxnard College
Transcript Requests
4000 S. Rose Avenue
Oxnard, CA 93033

Phone: 805-986-5810