Business Services Directory

Michael Bush, Ed.D. Vice President Business Services 5812
Darlene Inda Senior Administrative Assistant Business Services 5813
Aaron Silvey Performing Arts Building Technician   2033
Vacant Evening & Weekend Activities Attendant   5821
Bob Sube Director of Facilities, Maintenance
& Operations
Maintenance & Operations 7621
Liz Nava Administrative Assistant Maintenance & Operations 5821
David Gardner Maintenance Supervisor Maintenance & Operations 7622
Vacant Electrician Maintenance & Operations 5821
Mel Soto HVAC Mechanic Maintenance & Operations 5821
Vacant Welder Maintenance & Operations 5821
Carl Hill Maintenance Worker I Maintenance & Operations 5821
Julian Orense Custodial Supervisor Maintenance & Operations 2006
Jorge Almazon Custodian Maintenance & Operations 5821
William Boicourt


Maintenance & Operations 5821
Jess Dagum Custodian Maintenance & Operations 5821
Rudy De La O Custodian Maintenance & Operations 5821
George Matzenger Custodian Maintenance & Operations 5821 
Hialrio Raguini Custodian Maintenance & Operations 5821 
Jim Rivera Custodian Maintenance & Operations 5821 
Manuel Sotelo Custodian Maintenance & Operations  5821 
David Yzaguirre-Shea Grounds Supervisor Maintenance & Operations 1921
Jose Rodriguez Grounds Equipment Operator Maintenance & Operations 5821
Michael Perez Sprinkler Repair Technician Maintenance & Operations 5821
Brian Geisler Warehouse Operator Maintenance & Operations 5848
Jennifer Clark College Fiscal Services Supervisor Fiscal Services 5815
David Casas Accounting Technician I  Fiscal Services 5959
Shirley Gratner Accounting Technician I Payroll 5841
Cindy Gullekson Bursar Student Business Office 5811
Rosalyn Valenzuela Business Office Assistant Student Business Office  5811
Noel Coupart Business Office Assistant Student Business Office 5811
Alicia Cobos Business Office Assistant Student Business Office 5811
BOOKSTORE     5826
Chris Renbarger Bookstore Manager Bookstore 5896
Gina Brenner Operations Assistant Bookstore 7626
Masi Lashkari Accounting Technician Bookstore 7686
Jose Tlaxcuapan-Casillas Stock Clerk Bookstore 7696
Patty Banales Office Assistant Switchboard/Mailroom 5800/0
Michael Alexander Systems Administrator Information Technology 652-5580
Jeff Erskine Network Engineer Information Technology 5910
Carl McFarland Computer Technician Information Technology 5917
Brian Akers Computer Technician Information Technology 5909
Cesar Romero Police Lieutenant OC Police Department 5805
Chris Collier Police Officer OC Police Department 5805
Jesus Fernandez Police Officer OC Police Department 5805
Rafael Lopez Police Officer OC Police Department 5805
Shirley Baron Publications Manager Campus Resource Center 7602
David Howarth Site Associate Campus Resource Center 5842