Fire Academy


Dr. Christina Tafoya, Dean of Career & Technical Education                      
Gail Warner, Assistant Dean, Fire Technology/Fire Academy/EMT



Tamara CrudoCaptain Tami Crudo
Fire Academy Instructor/Coordinator


The Oxnard College Regional Fire Academy is an accredited California State Fire Marshal program providing certificates from State Fire Training and the National Wildfire Coordinating Group.

This program and other similar programs statewide are intended to provide an educated recruit base for fire departments in the state of California. This program is designed to meet the dynamic challenges of fire department needs for pre-service recruits in the 21st century and enabling students to successfully become employed by fire departments throughout the state of California and within the Ventura County Community College Districts service area.

Oxnard College Academy graduates are employed in every Fire Department in Ventura County and many departments in California. Out-of-state students have applied to the program from Alaska, Nevada and New Mexico but most applicants are predominately from Ventura County and other Southern California areas.

The program goal/objective of the Fire Academy is to provide an academic, behavioral, physical, and manipulative skills base to enable a student upon graduation to successfully compete for a Firefighter position and to complete a departments probationary requirements.

To maintain accreditation, the Oxnard Fire Academy is reviewed by the California State Fire Marshal and members of the California Fire Technology/Academy Directors Association every five years.

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