Program Statistics/Accountability/Program Review

Success and Retention Rates

The fire technology three year average success rate is 90%.  Our retention rate for Fall 2017 was 96.6% for fire technology. The Fall 2017 success rate was 94.8% for fire tech. As of Fall 2017 the fire technology program had an enrollment of 423 students enrolled in 12 fire science technology course sections. Our student learning outcomes (SLO) achievement report and Program Effectiveness Report (PEPR) can be viewed at the following URL:

Fire Technology Success and Retention

Fire Academy Success and Retention

EMT Success and Retention

EMT Licensure Pass Rate Calendar Year 2017   - 67%

Fire Technology Program Effectiveness Report 2017-2018

Fire Academy Program Effectiveness Report 2017-2018

Emergency Medical Technology Program Effectiveness Report 2017-2018

Program Student Learning Outcome Trends Fall 2013-Spring 2017

          Fire Technology Degrees Awarded                                                                                                     

            2017-2018  - 17

          Fire Technology Certificates of Achievements Awarded

          2017-2018  - 17
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