The English program offers a wide variety of courses in reading, writing, and literature, leading to the degree of Associate in Arts. Students are able to cover great English Literature and non-English majors can take sections of the English and American literature survey courses. There is also a variety of elective courses offered for English majors in creative writing, literature, and cinema.

The English program also offers multiple sections of transfer-level and developmental writing courses to give you the writing skills to succeed in college, to write in the workplace, and to meet university transfer requirements. There are also developmental and college-level reading and vocabulary courses, some of which can be completed at an individualized pace in the college Learning Center.

Students who have completed this program have transferred to UCLA, UCSB, CSUN and California State University, Channel Islands. Career opportunities for students who have transferred and earned a bachelor's degree in English include: reporter/writer, copywriter, copy editor, screenwriter, novelist and playwright.

For more information, contact:

James Merrill
Department Chair
805-986-5800, ext. 1949

Full-time Faculty

Teresa Bonham, M.A. ext. 1920

Elissa Caruth, M.A.

Bola King-Rushing, Ph.D. ext. 5993

Gaylene McPherson, M.A ext. 1969

James Merrill, M.A. ext 1949

Jeannette Redding, M.A. ext. 1988

Anthony Rodriguez, M.A. ext. 2085

Matilde Sanchez, M.A. ext 1944

Karen Sutton, M.S. ext. 2024

Part-time Faculty

Elaine Alarcon-Totten ext. 50517

Hector Betancourt ext. 50628

Eric Boys ext. 50667

Susan Brown ext. 50788

Deborah DeVries ext. 50989

Susan Jones ext. 50859

Margaret M

Ronald Murphy ext. 51246

Patrick Newton ext. 50704

Peggy Smith ext. 50526

Lori White