Computer Networking/IT *


Dr. Christina Tafoya, Career & Technical Education

Full-time Faculty

Alex Lynch

Students who complete requirements for the Computer Networking/IT program can receive either an Associate in Science Degree or a Certificate of Achievement.  

Oxnard College is a Cisco Regional Academy and CompTIA Learning Partner

"Businesses and organizations of every kind in Ventura County and beyond will need qualified computer network engineers/IT professionals and electrical engineers"
Alex Lynch - Technology Instructor at Oxnard College

Computer Networking/IT Industry Trends in the Unites States

  • There will be a 55% growth in jobs for computer network engineers/IT specialists from 2004-2014 (U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics)

  • There will be a 36% growth in jobs for electrical engineers from 2004-2014 (California Labor Market Info.)

  • The share of incoming undergrads planning to major in computer science and engineering dropped by 60% from 2000 to 2004 and computer programs at colleges continue to be dismantled. India's enrollment in these fields is expected to double by 2009. (Washington Post, January 3rd, 2006)

Are you ready for a promising career as a computer network engineer/IT specialist or electrical engineer? You are in demand!

* The Engineering Technology Program was discontinued effective Fall 2013.  As noted above, the Computer Networking/IT program WILL CONTINUE to be offered.

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Alex Lynch