How to Declare/Update your Major

Declaring a Major

Undecided/undeclared is not an eligible Major to receive financial aid. As a financial aid student, you must be enrolled in an eligible course of study leading to a(n)

  • Associate Degree,
  • Certificate of Achievement, or
  • Transfer to a four-year institution.

How to update your Major and/or Educational Goal on MyVCCCD:

If you have chosen undecided/undeclared as your major, please log-on to your MyVCCCD account to update your Major at:

1. Log on to MyVCCCD

VCCCD Portal Log in

2. Click on the 'My College' tab

My College Tab

3. Go to the 'My Student Records '  portlet (located in the left side of your screen) and click on 'Update College, Program and Goal'

Update College Program and Goal

 4. Click the drop down arrow on'Select a Term' to select current term (eg. Spring 2014) then click 'Submit'.

Select Term

5. To declare an eligible Major/Ed Goal, click on the drop down lists and select an eligible Major/Ed. Goal

Select Major & Goal

6. Click 'Submit' when finished

Accept Major Changes