Learning Outcomes Team

In its role as the body that makes recommendations regarding creation, assessment and revision of student learning outcomes based on collected data, the LOT Committee provides guidance, advocacy and oversight in the development of such student learning outcomes at the course, program and institutional levels, assisting the institution in the fulfillment of its mission.

Student learning outcomes are the pathway to the next stage of an institution’s development in its work to become more effective in meeting students’ needs. This shift in focus is meant to bring institutions to being places of learning- or learner-centered education. The purpose of assessing learning is to "promote dialogue and analysis that result in richer teaching and learning" (Angelo).

There is no doubt that all of us at the college are already doing the work of student learning outcomes on some level. The challenge is to become more aware of our efforts and to develop a systematic way to measure learning in order to be able to document those efforts first to our students and then to external entities such as our community and state and federal agencies.

So what is a student learning outcome?

A student learning outcome is a statement of expectation that articulates what students will know, do or think/feel as a result of our interaction with students, specifies how learning will be assessed, and documents the results of assessment and how those results will be used to improve learning.

So what is the college doing about SLOs?

To begin to incorporate student learning outcomes at Oxnard College, an implementation plan was drafted.  Beginning in Fall 2005, the Learning Outcomes Team (LOT) was formed and charged with overseeing the implementation plan.  This team consists of faculty, classified staff, and administrative representatives from across the college in both instruction and student services.

The integration of student learning outcomes at the college will take several years to realize, but the ultimate goal is for Oxnard College to become an institution where student learning truly drives how the college plans, allocates resources, and evaluates its effectiveness.

Institutional SLOs / Core Competencies for Oxnard College

Program SLO Report Forms Listed by Program/Degree

Course Outline Appendix Forms:  Student Learning Outcomes

Course SLO Report Form:  Evidence of Data and Dialogue "pink form"  (Word 2007 form)

Course SLO Report Form:  Evidence of Data and Dialogue "pink form" (Word 1997-2003 form)