Outreach Peer Advisors

Katherine Bunda|Marenn Espiritu|Michael Robison|Anthony Urban|Ethan Speakman|Anahi Hernandez|Andrew Cronin

Katherine Bunda

Oxnard College has given me the foundations of college life. It's a great first step! It was very practical and convenient for me to go here because it's just here in Oxnard! I've saved a lot of money too by starting my GED's here because they offer classes that can transfer to UC or a CSU. The teachers and staff here are very friendly. I've gotten close to most of my professors here. They were great mentors and friends to me. They kept us updated with current events that were happening in our community and informed us about community services we can do. The Student Services here in OC, also offer a lot. The most helpful one is the Tutoring/Learning center, not only do they help us out in our homework, they also offer jobs to students who want to be tutors.The cafeteria also offer great hot meals with dessert! In addition, the Student Center offers all the clubs and organizations VIP treatment. One of the clubs that I'm involved in is the Asian Pacific Student Union, and the student center equipped us with our personal office, supplies, telephone, computer, and conference room. The Student Center also has a Student Lounge where students can hang out, do their homework, or play in the arcade room. In summary, I like Oxnard College because they really helped me, and gave me all classes I needed to get my Associates Degree and prerequisites for Nursing! Most importantly, I saved a lot of money!

Marenn Espiritu

Oxnard College is a great college because I have learned and experienced a lot of things that will help me in my future. The people that I have met here gave me a lot of inspiration. From the time when I first attended OC, I have positioned myself to be involved with different challenges and achievements. The instructors are not only here to educate but also are mentors. They gave me ideas and advice to make myself successful not only academically but in life as well.

Michael Robison

Oxnard College is a great place to begin your college career. It provides small classes, where you can really build a strong relationship with your instructors. You can finish your general education classes at much lower prices compared to large universities. It can be an easy gateway into any four-year university you seek to attend. The campus is beautiful and located close to the beach. You meet a wide variety of people and the staff is always ready to help with any questions. It was a great transition from high school and prepared me to excel at the university level.

Anthony Urban

Oxnard College not only strengthens the mind by providing many challenging courses, it gives you a good taste of what individuals can expect upon transferring to a university. The small school environment allows people to keep focus while also making it easier to start lasting friendships with classmates and faculty alike. OC offers many programs with the goal of helping students to get the best college experience at the least possible cost. The skills I have learned along with the self discipline and determination that Oxnard College has created within me will no doubt guide me, as well as its many other students, to a successful and enjoyable career.

Ethan Speakman

Coming out of high school I did not know what I wanted to do with my life except for going to college. Oxnard College was close and I already knew one of the instructors. When I first got here it was a little scary in that it was a new school and a new environment. While attending OC I found the teachers to be friendly, knowledgeable and even excited about what they were doing. The faculty was also friendly and willing to point me in the right direction if they could not help me. By the time I was done with my first year I knew what I wanted to do and where: Study Kinesiology at Cal Ply San Louis Obispo; and everyone who knew me - students and faculty alike - encouraged me to go there. Now I have an AA in Liberal Arts and I am going to Cal Poly SLO next fall.

Anahi Hernandez

I love Oxnard College because it has really made me feel at home. I just graduated this year from Hueneme High School. Both students and counselors have talked with me and has made me feel at home here at Oxnard College. I am glad I chose Oxnard College to help me further my educational goals. I know that I will take advantage of all the great programs Oxnard College has to offer me.

Andrew Cronin

I would like to tell you why I love Onxard College. First, the staff and faculty are so nice and helpful and they make learning fun. Second, the campus is beautiful and serene. Finally, you cannot beat the convenient location of the campus.