2013 Women's Cross Country


xcgenosharpGeno Sharp of men's and women's cross county employs one of the simplest coaching strategies of all the coaches at Oxnard College: "I'll show up to practice everyday," Sharp says, "so I expect you to be there to." But simple does not necessarily translate into easy. Sharp is passionate about distance running and as a former competitive runner and veteran coach, Sharp not only knows what is needed to get his athletes to a competitive fitness level, but he has a structured plan to get them there. This plan includes year-round running, 8:00 A.M. summer practices, and weekly trips to "The Hill"-a hard run in the Sycamore Canyon. Sharp's program is built on the goal of obtaining individual excellence through commitment, hard work, and perseverance. "The winner of every race is the fittest athlete," Sharp says, "and it's also the person that has done the most work."

Through this dedication and commitment, Sharp says that his role as a coach is to train all runners, not just those who are going to be competitive at the state and NCAA level. Despite having coached many athletes who have gone on to be competitive in distance running, Sharp at first mentions other runners as representative of his program. From athletes that Sharp has coached since high school and were part of a state championship team, to people that have never run before in their life, Sharp says that it doesn't matter where an athlete's fitness level is when he starts; what matters is where he or she ends up, and how close that person is to their ultimate capability.

In a simple anecdote, Sharp sums up the method behind his traing schedule, "Miles makes champions!"