Student Learning Outcome Reports by Department/Discipline

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Program SLO Reports - Fall 2012 to Spring 2016

The reports below reflect Course SLO mapping that is rolled up into the ten Oxnard Institutional Student Learning Outcomes - ISLO's (listed below).

They are broken down into three Performance Categories: Exemplary, Standard and Minimum.  (Other reports may refer to these to as  Mastery Levels.)

The N/A indicates the number of assessments that were not scored (student may have withdrawn, dropped, or never participated in the assessment). The ten ISLO's are listed below:

1: Subject Knowledge  The student understands the discipline's basic content, principles, methodologies, and perspectives.

6: Information Retrieval and Technological Competency   Student demonstrates the ability to find, organize, understand, critically examine and use information from various sources using a variety of technologies.

2: Communication    Student exhibits the ability to communicate clearly and effectively.

7: Global Perspectives and/or Multicultural Awareness    Student demonstrates global awareness to look at issues from multiple perspectives and uses skills for participating in global and local societies.

3: Critical Thinking and Analytic Reasoning     Student applies critical thinking skills and reasoning to demonstrate continuous inquiry, problem solving, and learning.

8: Community Involvement, Leadership and Social Responsibility   Student understands the complexities of ethical judgment, leadership, social and/or civil responsibility as applied to social and ethical issues.

4: Quantitative Reasoning    Student applies quantitative and symbolic reasoning to obtain objective solutions to problems and equations.

9: Lifelong Learning and Life Skills   Student demonstrates effective self-management and interpersonal skills and the skills for a career, transfer, lifelong learning, health and/or self-improvement.

5: Creative Expression   Student expresses originality, imagination and innovation.

10: Interdisciplinary Studies   Student applies more than one discipline's approach to a topic, problem or method.

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