President's Welcome


Welcome to Oxnard College, a two-year comprehensive community college, vital in its diversity and dedicated to student success, academic achievement, and community partnerships.


As you walk through our buildings, you will see evidence of the importance of your education, amplified by the words of great American leaders, activists, scientists, and artists:  John Kennedy emphasizes that the goal of education as the advancement of truth;  Cesar Chavez notes that one cannot seek only personal achievement and forget about community prosperity;  Martin Luther King, Jr.  reminds us that intelligence plus character is the goal of true education; and Alice Walker observes that the present you are constructing should look like the future you are dreaming. 


Each of these individuals are speaking directly to you, as are the dedicated faculty and staff of Oxnard College, as you pursue your educational goals, be it in a professional or technical field or laying the groundwork to pursue a bachelor’s degree and beyond.  At Oxnard College, you will find that we are passionate about ensuring your success, enriching your learning experience, and providing you every opportunity to achieve the dream you have for your future.


Welcome to Oxnard College.


James M. Limbaugh, Ph.D.

Interim President