The Writing and Reading Center, located in the Library and Learning Resources Center, offers all Oxnard College students free drop-in (no appointment needed) tutoring for any writing or reading assignment for any class at any stage in the process from planning to the final draft. All of our trained tutors and faculty can help with general writing questions, and each provides a friendly and supportive atmosphere for all students. We can help you improve skills such as brainstorming, understanding the assignment, writing thesis statements, organizing your ideas, reading comprehension, study skills, using accurate citations, improving sentence structure and grammar skills. Additionally, the tutors can help with other types of writing including personal statements for university applications, scholarship essays, resumes, and cover letters. The WRC also offers weekly workshops presented by faculty to help students with writing, reading and study skills in all subjects.

(Located on the second floor of the library)

Spring 2022

Jan. 10 to May 18


Monday - Thursday from 9:00 AM to 8:00 PM

Friday 11:00 AM to 5:00 PM PM


Closed for Holidays

Jan. 17 

Feb. 18 - Feb. 21

Mar. 28 - Apr. 1


Writing & Reading Tutor Schedule (Drop-In Tutoring, No appointment needed)


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Workshops will be canceled until further notice 

Workshop Calendar

Time Management

Review of various ways to self-organize in order to meet the demands of academic courses

Study Habits

Strategies to help develop and practice effective studying methods

Active Reading and Note Taking

Addressing the various ways to approach both textbooks and literature

Lecture Notes & Studying Management

Methods to take in-class notes and utilize them for studying

Test-taking Skills

Overview of various strategies to take different types of test

The Writing Process & Essay Structure

Developing a personalized system to address writing assignments

Research Papers & Academic


Review of how to identify and find acceptable academic resources for use in research papers

Vocabulary & Context

Methods to help improve vocabulary acquisition and contextual understanding

Grammar Fundamentals

General overview of sentence level structure and how to address common grammatical issues

MLA Overview and Citation

Review of the Modern Language Association writing style

APA Overview and Citation

Review of the American Psychological Association writing style

Critical Thinking Fundamentals

Brief general overview and introduction into critical thought

Academic Success and Final Exams

Addressing the issues of this semester and planning for the next coming academic session

For further information, please contact Writing and Reading Center Director, Kari Tudman at, or Ron Lacson at