The Writing and Reading Center, located in the Library and Learning Resources Center, offers all Oxnard College students free drop-in (no appointment needed) tutoring for any writing or reading assignment for any class at any stage in the process from planning to the final draft. All of our trained tutors and faculty can help with general writing questions, and each provides a friendly and supportive atmosphere for all students. We can help you improve skills such as brainstorming, understanding the assignment, writing thesis statements, organizing your ideas, reading comprehension, study skills, using accurate citations, improving sentence structure and grammar skills. Additionally, the tutors can help with other types of writing including personal statements for university applications, scholarship essays, resumes, and cover letters.

(Located on the first floor of the library.)

Monday - Thursday from 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM

Closed Fridays


Online Writing and Reading Tutoring Also Available:

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WRC Mission and Goals

The mission of the WRC is to support students with improving their writing, reading and study skills to become independent learners. The goals of the WRC are to provide student-centered, peer-based learning assistance to students to help them recognize their strengths and areas in need of improvement in writing and reading across the curriculum and in study skills, and then provide them with the tools needed for academic success fostering independent learning.  

To help ensure these goals are met, the WRC has created several SUOs: 

SUO #1 --  Students utilizing this service will be provided with a "next step" by the end of each session to guide them toward completing their work and improving their skills. 

SUO #2 -- The WRC will ensure appropriate staffing and hours of operation based on data.  

SUO #3 -- Peer tutors are trained in best practices of tutoring following CRLA Certification Standards.  

SUO #4 -- Embedded tutors will serve as a liaison and foster stronger relationships and access to tutoring services. 



Click on the links below for the pre-recoreded video workshops. 

Citing Sources MLA Style

Link to Video Workshop

Citing Sources APA Style 

Link to Video Workshop

Strategies for Reading a Textbook 

Link to Video Workshop

Paragraph and Essay Structure 

Link to Video Workshop

Handout of Essay Outline

Paraphrasing and Avoiding Plagiarism

Link Coming Soon

Notetaking Skills

Link Coming Soon

Basics of Punctuation and Sentence Structure

Link Coming Soon

Ways to Improve Your Vocabulary Link Coming Soon

Secrets for Success on Your Final Exams

Link Coming Soon

For further information, please contact Writing and Reading Center Coordinator, Dr. Kari White at