OC Work Order System

Submitting a New Request for Service: trackit.vcccd.edu


 To Create a New Work Order on the Web:

1. Click on Work Orders in the menu bar.

2. Click Add a New Work Order to open a new work order.

3. Enter a short summary of the problem in the Summary field.

You can add more details (if necessary) in the Description box at the bottom of the form.

4. Enter a phone number that the technician can reach you at during business hours.

5. Select the Priority, Work Order Type, Sub-Type, and Category from the options in the drop-down lists based on the type of action required. Your installation determines which options are available in these fields.

6. Click on ASAP or enter a requested completion date. The level of your service agreement affects the time allotted for resolution.

7. Describe the problem or request in more detail in the Description field.

8. If you want to include a screen capture, document, or anything else that may help explain your problem, click the Browse button to locate the file that you want to attach.

9. Click the Submit button to create a new work order in the system.

10. A Request Confirmation displays to confirm receipt of the work order and provide the work order number.


Important Note:

* Some installations of Track-It! include an enhanced Self Service Solutions module that opens automatically when a user clicks on the New Request option to give an opportunity for finding a resolution to a problem before entering a trouble ticket. This type of self service option has been developed to reduce the need for work orders and the time involved to resolve them so that resolution can be reached as quickly as possible.