What Do the Instructional Technologists Do? Picture of connection button

Instructional Technology is a broad-based concept. Mostly, we help to make instructional applications available to faculty, staff, and students for teaching and learning. However, that entails several different responsibilities, including:

• Sharing information about what technologies are available and promoting their use. This means letting everyone know what we have, where it is, and how they can access it.

• Instructing and supporting faculty, staff, and students in the use of technologies. Expect to see training workshops, weblinks to information and resources, FAQs, and other ways to empower all users to make the most of our technologies. If you're an expert with a particular program, application, or system, let us know so that we can draw on that expertise for the benefit of the whole campus. If you'd like to become an expert with a system, let us know and we can help you work toward that goal.

• Recommending the acquisition of technologies to both the local and district administrations. If we see or hear about something that would prove useful on our campus, we'll advocate for its adoption. Likewise, if you see or hear about something that you think would be useful, let us know so that we can get the process of evaluation and possible adoption started.

• Supporting distance education. Since the VP of Instruction has overall responsibility for distance education, we'll be working with the VP and the Distance Education program in order to help improve effectiveness and accessibility.

We aim to be facilitators, advocates, and partners with everyone involved in instruction. We already have some plans underway that should get us off to a good start, and we hope to work with the campus community to make technology a valuable part of life at OC.



Laura Gentry, Instructional Technologist for Canvas

Janet Dawald, Technical Data Specialist for eLumen


Faculty Resource Center

The Faculty Resource Center (FRC), has been relocated to Condor Hall within the faculty offices. The FRC is intended to be an instructor computer workspace environment for use by full- and part-time faculty. Contact the Instructional Technologist or Information Technology for assistance with the FRC tech or other technology needs not (yet) available.