The below forms are tools for faculty members to utilize services from the LLRC Tutoring Department. To use any of the forms, click on the name of the form.

If you have any questions regarding our services, or about the forms below, please contact the Tutorial Services Specialist at


The Faculty Tutor Referral Form allows instructors to recommend students or individuals that would be excellent additions to the tutoring staff.

Please note, submission of this form does not guarantee an interview or hiring; if an appropriate position is not currently available, the referral’s information will be kept for one year; during which they will be contacted for an interview if such a position becomes available.




The Academic Risk Reporting Form allows instructors to request that the LLRC Tutoring department outreach the reported students. This outreach consists of an email containing directions on how to receive free tutoring in the needed subject (should it be available,) and also includes a tutoring schedule. You will not be included on this communication unless you request to be on the form.

There is no reference to your report in the outreach communication; this is to prevent students from feeling that  they will be judged prior to seeking help, which often discourages students from utilizing any tutoring services. If an outreached student does seek tutoring, our staff will assess their skill level, and provide help accordingly. We strive to create an atmosphere of encouragement and success in the tutoring department, and focus on student’s individual needs.

Outreach emails are generally sent within 48 business hours of your submitting the report. If you are not sure whether we offer tutoring in a certain subject, please submit the report, and the tutoring department will determine if that skillset is currently available. Please do not re-submit students before two weeks have passed, as frequent outreach lessens the likelihood that students will open the messages.




The LLRC Tutorial Services Concerns Form is a tool that allows you to report student or faculty concerns regarding the services and conduct of the department. Please do not hesitate to report concerns, and do not feel you need to wait for more concerns to arise. We want to serve our students and our faculty in the most effective way possible, and knowing about your concerns will help us do that.

It is critical that you provide thorough information regarding your concerns. The more information we have regarding a concern, the more quickly we can act to resolve it. Details such as the time an incident occurred, which staff member was involved, and what their tutoring subject is, can all help us identify, clarify, and resolve problems in the best and fastest way possible.



If you have a concern that you feel will not be supported effectively by the form, please contact our Tutorial Services Specialist regarding the situation at