New Student Testing Policy

First-Time College Students

All first-time college students attending Oxnard College who meet the criteria below are required to complete both an English/ESL and a Mathematics assessment test prior to enrolling in a fall or spring semester. Specifically, you are required to complete these tests if you are:

  • Enrolling in more than six (6) units during your first semester (fall or spring, regardless of your academic goals with the exception of activity courses such as PE); or
  • Enrolling in your second semester at Oxnard College and have not completed the placement tests.

Exceptions to mandatory assessment:

You may be temporarily waived from assessment if you:
  • Are enrolling in only up to six (6) units during your first semester (fall or spring) AND are not enrolling in English/ESL, math, or chemistry classes. You will be required to complete both tests if you opt to enroll in more than six units or in the above courses; and before enrolling in the next regular semester.
  • Are enrolling in only winter or summer classes (not in English/ESL, math, or chemistry classes).

Placement Tests You Must Complete

English: You must take both of the following tests: 
  • CTEP 1 - Reading Comprehension
  • CTEP 2 - Sentence Structure and Grammar
  • CTEP 3 - Sentence and Syntax Skills
Math: You must take one (1) of the four tests below for Math placement:
  • Math Test 1 - Pre-Algebra
  • Math Test 2 - Elementary Algebra
  • Math Test 3 - College Algebra
  • Math Test 4 - Pre-Calculus

What will happen if I do not complete the tests but am required to do so?

You will not be able to enroll in your fall or spring classes until you complete the assessment process. Please note we are not responsible for any delay incurred in your enrollment as a result of not completing your placement exams in a timely fashion. A minimum of 24 hours is needed to update our test records and your eligibility into the college’s student information system.
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