Here you will find many of the forms that faculty, staff and students can use for Library Learning Resource Center (LLRC) resources. Please see descriptions for each form below and click on the title of each to access the PDF version of that form. If you have any questions regarding these forms please contact Dean Luis A. Gonzalez

Patron Issue Form (PIF):

The PIF is for faculty, staff and/or students to share any concerns, complaints, suggestions or issues regarding the LLRC staff, resources, services, etc. with the Dean.

New Patron Slip (NPS):

The NPS is for students, faculty and community members who would like to have a physical identification card to use when checking-out books or other LLRC equipment. Faculty and staff are not required to have one, but community members are. This is the only method available for community members to borrow books from the LLRC. 

Library Learning Resource Center (LLRC) Survey:

The LLRC Survey is for faculty, staff, student, and community member use to provide the assistant dean with feedback regarding LLRC services, staff, and more. The survey can be completed and submitted anonymously.