Learning Disability Testing

Learning disabilities look very different from one person to another.  One person may struggle with reading and spelling, another may love to read but struggle with math.  Still another may have difficulty understanding what others are saying or communicating out loud but write beautifully.  Some people struggle remembering things that happened long ago. For others, the opposite is true, their long-term memory is great, but they struggle to remember things they just read. These are all examples of learning disabilities.  It DOES NOT MEAN SOMETHING IS WRONG, it means you learn differently and may require accommodations to perform at your best.   

If you feel like you are working hard in school but not getting the grades you should be, or feel like you are struggling in any of the scenarios mentioned above, please click on the link below and let us set up testing for you.  

Invitation to Learning Disability Testing

If you qualify, typical accommodations are things like priority registration, one-on-one counseling appointments, extra time on tests, audio books, etc.  

Testing like this typically costs $3,000-$5,000, per applicant. Testing at Oxnard College is free so please take advantage of this great resource and see if we can help to even out your academic playing field!