Employment Services (Workability)

Employment Services

WorkAbility III is a program which is designed to help students with disabilities become employed and to work at their fullest potential. This program offers employment and support services to EAC students that are clients of the Department of Rehabilitation. Services include:

  • Classes in Assistive Computer Lab
  • Vocational counseling and guidance
  • Job Seeking Strategies
  • Career exploration
  • Individualized job development
  • Job placement
  • On the Job support
  • DR Counseling and Intake

Procedure for using this service:

  1. Make an appointment with WorkAbility Specialist in the EAC.
  2. See the on-site Department of Rehabilitation counselor to identify your need and to open your case with the state Department of Rehabilitation.
  3. See the WorkAbility Specialist regularly for on-going support.

Hot Tip: The process will move much more quickly if you bring a verification of your disability from your physician, school, or psychologist to your first appointment.