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We have all heard this question: "What do you want to be when you grow up?"

This question usually focuses on one's chosen career path, and is often an overwhelming question to answer. In a society where innovative technology, best practices, and emerging career fields tend to change the job market, students may wonder how they can choose a major and career path that will be relevant in today's market while also aligning with their interests, passions, and global issues that are important to them. 

This is where Counseling Services comes in as an essential service to assist all students -- whether you are an Undecided, Multi-Decided, or Declared Student.

The OC Career Center is comprised of a few Career Counselors  and a Career Success Coach who are skilled with the knowledge and resources to help students with self-assessments, career exploration, next steps, and career planning.
Our Placement Project Specialist has the expertise in tracking job market trends, connections with employers, and resources to assist with job placement.

Your Career Starts Here at Oxnard College!

View our resources below and email if you have any questions. Workshops are available throughout the year, and students can register by visiting our Workshops page.
Individual appointments are also available.

Resources for Undecided & Multi-Decided Students

Resources for Declared Students