Student Learning Outcomes Help

eLumen SLO Help and Assessment Help

The elumen application is Oxnard College's system of tracking Student Learning Outcomes. Once a term, all faculty are notified that the scorecard assessments are ready for the majority of course sections that he or she has taught in the current term. The first video below is for regular faculty logins and scorecard completion. The second is for Department Chairs or Coordinators who wish to see the progress of completed scorecards. 


Faculty Scorecard Video This video walks Faculty users through the process of scoring the assessments that are sent out towards the end of a term. Please print a copy of the completed scorecard assessment when through. 
Discipline Coordinator Video Faculty can also have a higher-level role if they are also Department Chairs, Deans or Coordinators. Be sure to change from Faculty to Coordinator (upper left) to access the administrative functions, such as seeing what scorecards are completed or running reports. Please note that these higher-level roles cannot see individual scorecards, only the Faculty role can do that. 
eLumen Assessment Guide Downloadable PDF with step-by-step instructions on how to complete the scorecard assessments and how to use an (optional) Excel spreadsheet to upload scores.
SLOs are Not Grades PDF that outlines the difference between Grades and Student Learning Outcomes (SLOs). Links to white papers and approaches to SLO's by nationally recognized institutions.