Emergency Medical Responder/EMR

Students learn to assess and initiate immediate lifesaving care to critical patients. Students will obtain basic knowledge and skills necessary to provide lifesaving interventions while awaiting additional Emergency Medical Services (EMS) response and to assist higher level personnel at the scene and during transport. Emergency Medical Responders (EMR)function as part of a comprehensive EMS team under medical oversight, and perform basic interventions with minimal equipment. This course provides emergency care knowledge and skills to prepare students for EMT R169.

Upon successful completion of the course the student is eligible to sit for the National Registry EMR exam. There is no California State certification for EMR.

While EMR is not a required prerequisite to EMT, it is a great stepping stone for those that think they would like to enter the world of emergency services and excellent preparation for the full Emergency Medical Technician course. It is also the minimum requirement for the Lifeguard Academy and the Wildland Firefighter Academy.

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