EMT Costs

Oxnard College EMT R169 Student Expenses

College Tuition & Fees Cost
Unit Cost:  8.5 units @ 46.00/unit $391
Student Health Fee

$26 (Fall/Spring)

$22 (Summer

Student Fee $10
Total Enrollment Fees $427

Additional Costs 

Items Approx. Cost

CPR Card: Must be one of the following:

  • American Heart Association Health Care Provider  OR
  • American Red Cross Professional Rescuer with AED

A copy of your card must be brought to the first day of class or you will be dropped from the course. Online and other CPR cards will not be accepted.




Background Check: EMT students must complete a background check with certifiedbackgrounds.com by the 6th week of class. Promotional Code - OX87


Health Exam Clearance - Required by the 6th week of class in order to participate at the hospital clinical and ambulance ride-along. OC Health Center is able to provide the exam and required immunizations. $120-$200

Textbooks:   Options

  • Emergency Care 13th Edition (ISBN 9780134024554)
    • If rented
  • Workbook - "My Brady Lab" online (ISBN 9780133946093)
  • Textbook with "My Brady Lab" online 13th Edition (ISBN 9780134190754




  • Navy or black slacks (Dickies 874 are ok). No jeans.
  • White uniform "Oxnard College EMT Student" polo shirt.
  • A plain black belt.
  • Black safety boots or black leather covered shoes. No tennis, running shoes or sandals are allowed.





  • Stethoscope
  • Blood Pressure Cuff
  • Wrist watch with second hand



Total Additional Costs $480-$755

Certification and Testing Fees

Items Cost
NREMT Skills Testing:  After the student successfully completes the course with a minimum of 80% he/she is eligible to take the NREMT Skills Testing. $75-$80
NREMT Registry Exam:  The student will be verified that he/she successfully completed the course and the skills testing. He/she will then be eligible to take the NREMT written certification exam. $80

Every effort has been made to provide you with the current fees/costs, but please be advised that these are estimates only and may change at any given time.

Financial Aid is available to qualifying students.