Program Prerequisites

*Students may have only one science course in progress at time of application but the course must be completed with a passing grade by the end of the spring session of the applying year while maintaining the minimum required 3.0 overall and Science GPA's.

Program prerequisites are as follows:
Courses Units
MATH R014  Intermediate Algebra or Math R033 Pathway to STEM 2
BIOL 101/H General Biology* 3
BIOL 101L General Biology lab* 1
CIS R020A Intro to Microcomputers* 3

CHEM R110 Elementary Chemistry 5
CHEM R112 Elem. Organic/Bio Chem. 5
ANAT R101 General Human Anatomy** 4
PHSO R1001 Human Physiology ** 5
MICR R100 Principles of Microbiology 3
MICR R100L Prin. of Microbiology Lab 2
ENGL R101/H College Composition 3
PSY R101 General Psychology 3
SOC R101 Intro to Sociology 3
Comm R101 Intro to Oral Communication 3
ANTH R102/H Cultural Diversity 3 or ANTH R114, or CHST R101, or ECE R107, or SJS R110, or SOC R103, or SOC R108

DH R001 Intro to Dental Hygiene 1 This course must be taken at Oxnard College and is only offered during Spring and Summer

*These items are only recommended.
**Combined Anatomy/Physiology not accepted, effective 2008

Please note that ALL Science courses must have 5 year recency at the time of application


The courses listed above are not necessarily entry-level courses. Oxnard College offers courses to prepare students to succeed in these prerequisites, see a counselor for more information. A basic ability to converse in Spanish is also beneficial for applicants as the dental clinic serves a large population of Spanish-speaking patients.