OC Live Presents

A Conversation with Oxnard College anthropologists

Dr. Linda Kama'ila and Dr. Arion Melidonis

November 1, 2018

@12:30pm in the Performing Arts Building 


Broken Pavement

Every era has its struggles. What about now? Join Oxnard College Anthropology faculty in a lively exploration of some of the world’s most important current events. What’s going on? Are things getting worse...or are they better than ever?

Dr. Arion Melidonis and Dr. Linda Kama'ila are both anthropologists. Dr. Melidonis studied at Princeton, Dr. Kama'ila studied at Stanford. They are both interested in borders, ethnicity, gender, and the ways in which conflict and strife shape the human experience.

If you need ASL interpreting services for this OC LIVE event, please contact director Dr. Amy Edwards at aedwards@vcccd.edu seven days prior to the event and it will be provided free of charge. 


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