Transitional Studies Committee

The Transitional Studies Committee


The Transitional Studies Committee is appointed by and advisory to the Executive Vice President of Student Learning of Oxnard College.


The Transitional Studies Committee provides guidance with regard to classes, services, and programs to empower transitional studies students to achieve their academic, career, and lifelong learning goals.


  • Success, retention, persistence, and improvement rates (per ARCC data) will improve from current levels. 

  • More faculty and staff will have an awareness of the needs of transitional studies students.

  • Student support services serving our transitional studies students will remain robust.





For information on Transitional Studies at Oxnard College, please feel free to contact Mark Bates at (805) 986-5800 ext. 2044 or or Luis Gonzalez, Assistant Dean of Transitional Studies at (805) 986-5949.


Dr. Luis A. Gonzalez, Co-Chair, Dean of Transitional Studies

Mark Bates, Co-Chair, Basic Skills Coordinator

Dr. Carolyn Inouye, Dean of Math, Science, PE, Athletics

Della Newlow, Faculty, EAC

Nathan Wyckoff, Tutorial Services Specialist II

Marlene Dean, Faculty, Math

Lisa Hopper, Institutional Research Assistant

Jim Merrill, Faculty, English

Mati Sanchez, Faculty, Reading and ESL

Kari Tudman, Faculty, Reading and English

Karen Sutton, Faculty, English

Cesar Flores, Director of EOPS