LOT Meeting Minutes & Agenda

Learning Outcome Team   2016 - 2017

Contact Information:  Laurie Nelson-Nusser

Ken Sherwood (Co-Chair)

Vice President Academic Affairs

Lois Zsarnay, LMFT, CEDS (Co-Chair)   

Faculty, Addictive Disorders Studies

Armine Derdiarian, DDS

Chair, Dental Hygiene

Art Sandford, PhD

Dean, Letters & Science

Ashley Chelonis

Instructional Technology, Classified        

Bret Black

Faculty, Math

Carolyn Inouye, PhD

Dean, Math, Science & Physical Ed

Christina Tafoya,  DDS

Dean, Career & Technical Ed

Cynthia Herrera, PhD

Dean, Institutional Effectiveness

Dianne Habring-Frehlich

Faculty, Physical Education

Elissa Caruth

Chair, English, Spanish & ASL

Gail Warner

Dean, Fire Technology

Graciela Casillas-Tortorelli     

Faculty, Counseling

Janet Dawald

Technical Data, Classified

Jeanette Redding

Faculty, English

Josh Lieser

Chair, Letters & Science

Lilia Ruvalcaba

Faculty, Math

Linda Kama’ila, PhD

Faculty, Anthropology

Mati Sanchez

Faculty, English/Spanish

Peggy Smith

Faculty, English


The Learning Outcomes Team (LOT) Committee is a subcommittee of the Academic Senate and is a participatory governance committee. The Oxnard College faculty is charged by Title 5 with the primary responsibility for standards or policies regarding student preparation and success (#5 under the 10+1). The LOT Committee reports directly to the Academic Senate.


In its role as the body that makes recommendations regarding creation, assessment and revision of student learning outcomes based on collected data, the LOT Committee provides guidance, advocacy and oversight in the development of such student learning outcomes (SLOs) at the course, program and institutional levels, assisting the institution in the fulfillment of its mission.


  • All SLOs and authentic assessment are in place for courses, programs and degrees and regular assessment to same occurs to best serve students’ educational interests.
  • Results from assessment are being used for improvement and further alignment of institution-wide practices.
  • There is widespread meaningful institutional dialogue about the results of all SLOs assessment.
  • Decision-making with regard to SLOs centers upon results of assessment and is purposefully directed toward improving student learning.
  • Appropriate resources for the SLOs effort are allocated and appropriately adjusted when necessary.
  • Comprehensive assessment reports exist and are completed on a regular basis.
  • Course-level SLOs are aligned with program and degree SLOs.
  • Program and degree SLOs are aligned with institutional-level SLOs.
  • Faculty leaders (as well as other interested faculty) monitor input of SLOs tracking information into appropriate software designed and utilized for this purpose.


Learning Outcome Team  (LOT) Minutes


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