Members volunteer to serve a one-year term, and can serve longer. Certain members are permanent appointments: Campus Police, Health Center, Maintenance & Operations, and the Vice President of Business Services.

Members have the following responsibilities:

Regularly walk the campus in order to provide written notice of safety concerns

Attend committee meetings on a monthly basis

The CUDS Committee membership is as follows:


Vice President, Business Services

Full-time faculty member

Constituency and/or Division/Department Representatives

One management representative (appointed by Deans’ Council)

One academic senate representative (appointed by Academic Senate)

Two classified staff representatives (appointed by the Classified Senate/SEIU)

One student representative (appointed by Associated Student Government)

One AFT representative (appointed by AFT)


Business Department Representative

Dental Hygiene Department Representative/Addictive Disorders Studies

Fine Arts Department Representative

Letters Department Representative

Math Department Representative

Physical Education/Athletics/Health Department Representative

Sciences Department Representative

Public Services Department Representative

Social Sciences Department Representative

Technology Department Representative

Student Services

Admissions & Records

Counseling/Matriculation/Transfer Center Representative

Educational Assistance Center/Health Center Representative

EOPS Representative

Library/Learning Resources Representative

Business Services

Bookstore/Publications Representative

Fiscal Services/Student Business Office Representative

Maintenance & Operations Representative

Ex Officio Members

Executive Vice President, Student Learning

Risk Management