Dialing Directions

Abram, Dr. Michael (Instructor, Biology)
Academic Affairs805-678-5814
Academic Senate805-678-7609
Acosta, Ray (Library Technician, Library)
Addictive Disorders805-678-5043
Admissions & Records805-678-5810
Ainsworth, Alan (Instructor, Air Conditioning & Refrigeration)
Air Conditioning805-678-1982
Alarcon, Leah (Dean , Student Success)
Alexander, Michael (Director, Information Technology)
Allison, Susan (Counselor, Counseling )
Almazan, Jorge (Custodian, Maintenance & Operations)
Anderson, Laura (Instr Data Specialist, EVP Student Learning Office)
Arias, Marisa (Office Assistant, Transfer Center)
Arias, Tonia (Technician, Admissions and Records)
Art Gallery805-678-5046
Asahan, Reuben (IT Tech Support Specialist III, Information Technology)
ASG Student Government805-678-5187
Askaryar, Hamida (N/A, Dental Hygiene Trust)805-652-7779
Athletics/Physical Education805-678-5825
Aurora, Rosleen (Financial Aid Specialist, Financial Aid)
Auto Body805-678-5047
Auto Technology805-678-5835
Banks, Karla (Ex. Asst. to the Pres/Conf., President Office)
Barrios, Blanca (Instr Data Specialist, Academic Affairs and Student Learning)
Barroso, America (Counselor Asst., VCCF-Boots to Books)
Baseball805-678-5800 x2076
Bassey, Dr. Edrissa (Instructor, Accounting)
Bates, Mark (Mathematics Professor, BSI Coordinator)
Beaman, Edythe (Instr Lab Tech II/Sciences, Physical Science General)
Beatty, Karen (N/A, Fire Control Tech)
Biology Prep Room (Tyler Haven)
Black, Bret (Instructor, Math)
Bonham, Teresa (Instructor, English)
Bouma, Hank (Instructor, Computer Information Systems)
Boys, Eric (Instructor, English)805-652-7779
Brennan, Kindah (N/A, Art)805-652-7779
Brown, Rusty (N/A, Physical Science General)805-652-7779
Burke, Janice (N/A, Dental Hygiene)805-652-7779
Burwick, Amanda (Project Placement Specialist , Career & Transfer Center)
Business Department Chair805-678-1981
Business Services805-678-5813
Cabral, Robert (Dean, CTE & Business Management)
Callaway, Linda (EOPS/CARE Technician, EOPS)
CalWorks College Services805-678-5887
Campos, Christina (Tina) (Instructional Lab Technician, Dental Hygiene)
Campos, Connie (Administrative Assistant, Dean of Liberal Studies)
Campus Police805-678-5805
Career & Technical Education805-678-5824
Career Center805-678-5837
Carlman, Katherine (N/A, English)805-652-7779
Carmichael, Richard (N/A, Computer & Info Sci General)805-652-7779
Carnahan, Rick (Assistive Comp Tech/Media Spec, DSPS (EAC))
Carrasco, Susan (Counselor Assistant, Counseling)
Caruth, Elissa (Growth - Partnership for Excellence Instructor)
Casillas-Tortorelli, Graciela (Counselor, Counseling)
Castelo, Michelle (Senior Administrative Assist, Dean Student Services Office)
CDC Break Room805-678-1902
Centeno, Rene (N/A, Spanish)805-652-7779
Cervantes, Maria (Fin. Aid Spec., Financial Aid)
Chaparro, Dr. Linda (Professor, Psychology)
Chaparro, Roberto (Counselor, EOPS, )
Chau, Eric (Counselor, Counseling)
Chavez, Celestina (Administrative Assistant, Fire Control Tech)
Chemistry Lab (Elena Lucin)
Child Developement Center805-678-5801
Chinery, Roberta (Financial Aid Specialist , Financial Aid )
Circulation Desk Library805-678-5819
Cobian, Dr. Oscar (Vice President of Student Dev, Dean Student Services Office)
Community Market (Swap Meet)805-678-5998
Computer Help Desk805-678-5898
Computer Lab OE-2805-678-2052
Computer Lab OE-3805-678-1996
Condor Cafe805-678-5802
Cook, Ron (N/A, Physical Education)805-652-7779
Copy Center805-678-5842
Corse, Kevin (N/A, Automotive Technology)
Cortez, Erica (Ricoh Copy Center)
Costa, Matthew (Instructor , Math )
Cota, Marisol (N/A, Personal Growth/Counseling)805-652-7779
Craine, James (N/A, Physical Science General)805-652-7779
Crank, Jeffery (N/A, Automotive Collision Repair)805-652-7779
Crawford, Jonas (Athletic Dir/Instr/Dept Chair, Physical Education)
Cross Country805-678-2080
Cross Country/Track805-678-2080
Crudo, Tamara (Instructor, Fire Control Tech)
Culinary Arts/Restaurant Management BISTRO805-678-5869
Danza, James (Instructor, Geography)
Davis, Shannon (Counselor, Articulation)
Dawald, Janet (Technical Data Specialist, EVP Student Learning Office)
De La O, Rudy (Custodian, Maintenance & Operations (All))
De la Torre, Teresa (Child Develop. Assoc., CalWorks)
Dean, Marlene (Instructor, Math)
Dental Hygiene805-678-5823
Derdiarian, Dr. Armine (Coordinator, Dental Hygiene)
DeRouen, Beau (IT Support Specialist II, Information Technology)
Dettorre, Scott (N/A, Fire Control Tech)
Diamantopoulou, Sofia (Research Analyst)
Diaz, Joel (Registrar, Admissions and Records (A & R))
Diaz Brown, Anthony (Instructional Lab Technician, Automotive Technology)
Ditto, Bradley (N/A, Fire Control Tech)
Duenes, Rolando (Custodian, Maintenance & Operations (All))
EAC (Educational Assistance Center)805-678-5830
Eads, Erica (N/A, Dental Hygiene)805-652-7779
Eberhardy, Dr. Diane (Instructor, Computer Information Systems)
Economic Development805-678-5831
Edwards, Dr. Amy (Professor, Communication Studies)
Edwards, Dr. Ishita (Instructor, Economics)
Eng, Anne (N/A, Law General)805-652-7779
English Department Chair805-678-1949
Enriquez, Dr. Richard (Instructor, Dental Hygiene)
Equipment Room/PE
Evans Ortiz, Teri (Accounting Technician, Business Services)
Faasua, Linda (Financial Aid Officer., Financial Aid)
Fahs, Hussein (Instructor, Math)
Fernandez, Imelda (Student Services Specialist, Welcome Center)805-678-5253
Fernandez, Jesus (Police Officer, Campus Police)
Financial Aid805-678-5828
Fine Arts805-678-5804
Fire Academy Fax805-484-1651
Fire Academy/Technology805-678-5115
Fiscal Services805-678-5815
Flint, Kevin (N/A, Biology)805-652-7779
Flores, Cesar (Coordinator, EOPS)
Flores, Fidelia (Financial Aid Specialist, BFAP)
Fontenette, Timothy (Faculty, Business Management)
Fontes, Ross (Counselor, EOPS)
Foster/Kinship Care Program805-678-5144
Frantz, Joe (N/A, Biology)805-652-7779
Frieder, Mitchell (N/A, Culinary & Restaurant Mgmt (CRM))805-652-7779
Fulkerson, Marcia (Instructor, Communication Studies)
Fullner, Brandon (Grant Accounting/Admin Assistant, Project Acabado Year 3)
Gallagher, Jonathan (Support Specialist, Information Technology)805-678-5211
Garcia , Ana (Counselor, FYE )805-652-7779
Garcia, Diana (Financial Aid Specialist, Financial Aid)
Garcia, Melissa (Counselor)805-652-7779
Gardner, David (Supervisor, Maintenance & Operations (All))
Gentry, Laura (Instructional Technologist Designer, VP Academic Affairs )
Gisel, Thomas (N/A, Tutoring)805-652-7779
Gladden, Colleen (Administrative Assistant , DSPS (EAC))
Goicoechea, Dr. Daniel (Counselor, Counseling)
Gonzalez, Dr. Eliseo (N/A, H.S.I. Program STEM Year 5)
Gonzalez, Dr. Luis (Dean, Library, Liberal and Transitional Studies)
Gonzalez Perez, Gabriel (Women's Soccer, Athletics)
Greaney, Ross (Men's Soccer Coach, Athletics)
Greene, Patricia (N/A, Accounting)805-652-7779
Greer, John (N/A, Anthropology)805-652-7779
Guerrero, Dalia (Office Assistant , Business Services)
Guevara, Dr. Gloria (Professor, Political Science)
Gullekson, Cynthia (Bursar, Student Business Office)
Gutierrez, Edna (Assistant Softball Coach, Athletics)805-652-7779
Habal, John (Matriculation Spec. I, Student Success and Support 14-15)
Habring-Frehlich, Diane (Instructor, Health Education/PE)
Hall, Dr. Steven (Instructor, Math)
Handy, Roland (N/A, Continuing Education/Evening Prog)805-652-7779
Harber, Dr. James (Instructor, Biology)
Harold , Tara (Technician, Admissions & Records )
Hart, Adam (Faculty, Culinary and Restaurant Management)
Haven, Tyler (Instructional Lab Technician II, Science)
Hawley, Carinne (N/A, Dental Hygiene)805-652-7779
Hayashi, Alan (Instructor, Math)
Health Services805-678-5832
Helfrich, Lisa (Instructor Transitional English & Reading, Transitional Studies)
Hernandez, Steven (Head Baseball Coach , Athletics)805-652-7779
Hernandez Gonzalez, Mayra (Financial Aid Specialist/Bil. , Financial Aid )
Hernandez Munoz, Gabriel (Custodian, Maintenance and Operations)
Herrera, Dr. Cynthia (Acting Dean, Strategic Partnerships and Planning)
Herrera, Marcos (N/A, Culinary & Restaurant Mgmt (CRM))805-652-7779
Hiben, Jeff (Instr Lab Tech 1, Automotive Technology)
High Tech Center805-678-5829
Hill, Bryan (Assistant Men's Soccer Coach , Athletics)805-652-7779
Hill, Carl (Maint. Worker I, Maintenance & Operations (All))
Hill, Janelle (Project Specialist Career & Tech Education, CTE Transitions)
Hoffman, Damien (Research Analyst, Student Success and Support)
Holmberg, Robert (N/A, Culinary & Restaurant Mgmt (CRM))805-652-7779
Holmes, Tamara (N/A, Student Equity 14-15)805-652-7779
Horrock, Christopher (Instructor, Philosophy)
House, Stephanie (N/A, Accounting)805-652-7779
Hughes, Kevin (Instructor, History)
Hurtado, Milena (Instructor, Spanish)805-678-5221
Hutchison, Cynthia (N/A, Business Management)805-652-7779
Inda, Darlene (College Services Supervisor, Business Services)
Inouye, Dr. Carolyn (Dean, Math & Science)
Institutional Research805-678-5860
Irie, Ichiro (N/A, Art)805-652-7779
IT Help Desk805-678-5898
Jafroodi, Vahid (Police Officer, Campus Police)
Jay, Lori (Adminisrative Assistant, Athletics, Health, Library, PE & Transitional Studies)
Jewett, Matthew (Assistant Dean of Public Safety, Fire Control Tech, CTE )
K Mukherjee, Ajit (N/A, Psychology)805-652-7779
Kagawa , Jennifer (Instructor , English as a Second Language (ESL))
Kama'ila, Dr. Linda (Faculty, Anthropology)
Kaskus, Debra (N/A, EAC/Special Ed General (Classes))805-652-7779
Katznelson, Marci (N/A, Music)805-652-7779
Kearns, Kevin (N/A, Fire Academy)
Ketaily, Michael (Instructor, Fire Academy)
King-Rushing, Dr. Bola (Instructor , English)
Klein Williams, Marcella (Grant Director, Project Acabado STEM)
Koch, Manfred Manny George (Instructor, Health)
Koe, Jeffrey (N/A, Engineering Technology)805-652-7779
Kromka, David (Fire Academy Equipment Tech., Fire Academy)
Kuang, Jessica (Instructor, Math)
Kwiatkowski, James (N/A, Automotive Technology)805-652-7779
LANGUAGE LAB/LS Bldg805-678-2036
Lara-Cruz, Christopher (N/A, EVP Student Learning Office)805-652-7779
Lawley, Erin (Head Softball Coach & Instructor, Athletics, HED, & PE)
Lawrence, Susan (Administrative Assistant, Institutional Effectiveness Division)
Lawson, Anitra (Instructor, Film, Television, & Electronic Media)
Levine, Wendy A. (Instructor , Education)
Lewis, Frances (Administrative Assistant, Dean, Career Tecnical Education)
Library Elevator805-678-2198
Lieser, Dr. Joshua (Instructor, History)
LIFE SCIENCE LAB805-678-2004
Lopez, Cristian (Custodian, Maintenance and Operations)
Lopez, David (Counselor, Counseling )
Lopez, Gloria (Counselor, EOPS)
Lowe, Michael (N/A, Math)805-652-7779
Lu , Sheila (Accounting Technician I, Fiscal Services )
Lucin, Elena (Instructional Lab Technician II, Science)
Lulejian, Jerry (Instructor, Law General)
Lupian, Marcos (Counselor Asst., College Outreach)
Lynch, Alex (Instructor, Engineering Technology)
M, Margaret (N/A, Continuing Education/Evening Prog)805-652-7779
Ma, Yong (Instructor, Chemistry)
MacDougall, Adam (N/A, English)805-652-7779
Mack, Rainer (Art History, Visual and Performing Arts)
Mackey, Kathleen (N/A, Title V HSI Cooperative VC/OC Yr 1)805-652-7779
Madrigal, Dora (N/A, Spanish)805-652-7779
Magenau, Dr. Keller (Acting Dean , Institutional Effectiveness)
Mainzer, Christiane (Instructor, Geology)
Maldonado, Jose A. (Instructor, English)
Maldonado, Laura (Student Success & Support Specialist, Outreach)
Marchione, Anthony (N/A, Culinary & Restaurant Mgmt (CRM))805-652-7779
MARINE STUDIES805-985-9801
Marquez , Edlin (Financial Aid Specialist/Bil., Financial Aid )
Martinez, Arcelia (N/A, H.S.I. Program STEM Year 2)805-652-7779
Martinez, Imaret (Manager, Bookstore)
Martinez Truax, Linda (N/A, Health Services, EOPS)805-678-5226
Mashhoon, Neda (N/A, Chemistry)805-652-7779
Mata, Diana (N/A, Civic Center)805-652-7779
MATH LAB/LS BLDG.805-678-2051
Matsuo, Amiko (N/A, Art)805-652-7779
Mattox, Melissa (N/A, Dental Hygiene)805-652-7779
Matzenger, George (Custodian, Maintenance & Operations (All))
McAnulty, Jr., Arthur (N/A, Baseball Club)805-652-7779
McArthur, Judy (Counselor, DSPS (EAC))
McAulife, Carrie805-678-1935
McClurkin, Ron (Head Basketball Coach & Instructor, Athletics, HED, & PE)
McCormick, Clifford (N/A, Automotive Technology)805-652-7779
McDonald, Susan (N/A, Dental Hygiene)805-652-7779
McFadden, Dr. Deanna (Coordinator, Health Services)
McManamy , Adam (FYE Counselor )805-652-7779
McPherson, Gaylene (Instructor, English)
McVicker, Kathleen (Student Services Assistant , CalWorks)
Medina, Amparo (Senior Administrative Assistant, Business Services)
Medina, David (Police Officer, Campus Police)
Melidonis, Dr. Arion (Instructor, Anthropology)
Mendez, Patricia (Instructor, Child Development (Instructional))
Mendoza, Bertha (Children Center (non-instructional) Child Develop. Assoc.)
Milan, Cecilia (Instructor, Spanish)
Miller, Justin (Instructor, Physics)
Miller, Krys (N/A, Biology)805-652-7779
Miller, Laura805-678-7632
Milton, Ody (N/A, Culinary & Restaurant Mgmt (CRM))805-652-7779
Mojica, Dr. Letty (Counselor, Transfer Center)
Montes, Francisco (N/A, Health Services)805-652-7779
Morales, Patricia (N/A, H.S.I Program STEM Year 4)805-652-7779
Morales, Violet (Adm. & Rec. Asst. II (Season), Admissions and Records (A & R))
Moran Romero, Jaime (Custodian, Maintenance & Operations (All))
Moreno Parsons, Claudia (Instructor , English )
Morla, Christine (Instructor, Art)
Morris, Robert (Instructor, Fire Control Tech)
Mulligan , Holly (Counselor, CalWORKs)
Munoz, Marta (Counselor & Coordinator, CalWORKs)
Munyantwali, Julius (Athletic Counselor, Counseling)
Mussehl, Jennifer805-678-5872
Mutz, Stephanie (N/A, Biology)805-652-7779
Najarian, Raffi (N/A, Dental Assisting)805-652-7779
Navarro, Yolanda (Administrative Assistant, Maintenance & Operations / STEM)805-678-5800 x5191 /
Nelson-Nusser, Laurie (Senior Administrative Assist, VP Student Learning & Academic Affairs)
Newby, Dr. Shannon (Instructor, Biology)
Newlow, Della (Learning Disabilities Spec, EAC/Special Ed General (Classes))
Newton, Patrick (N/A, English)805-652-7779
Newville, Margaret (Instructor, Dental Hygiene)
Nicholson, Michael (Instructor, Biology)
Norbutas, John (N/A, Growth Plan/PACE 2000-2001)805-652-7779
Norton, Amelia (N/A, English)805-652-7779
CTE (CTE)805-678-5869
OCTV STUDIO805-678-5817
O'Neil, Thomas (Instructor, Geology)
Orange, Leo (Coordinator, DSPS (EAC))
Orense, Julian (Maintenance & Operations)
Ortega, Giovanni (Acting Director, Career and Technical Education)
Ortega, Jose (Instructor, Automotive Collision Repair)
Ortiz, Dolores (Instructor, Sociology)
Osborne, Randall (N/A, Fire Control Tech)
Owens, Connie (Comm. Dev. & Inst. Adv. Spec., President Office)
Padilla, Richard (Assistant, Library)805-678-5223
Parreira, Mathew (Electrician, Maintenance & Operations (All))
Pena, Rebecca (N/A, Health Education)805-652-7779
Pena, Zenaida (EOPS/CARE Technician, CARE)
Pena Jr, John (Carpenter, Maintenance & Operations (All))
Peraza, George (N/A, Physical Education)805-652-7779
Perey, Heherson (N/A, CRM Class)805-652-7779
Perez, Ariane (Office Assistant, Transfer & Career Center)
Perez, Michael (N/A, Tutoring)805-652-7779
Perez, Nelly (Stdt. Hlth. Ctr. Asst. I, Health Services)
Petersen, Mark (N/A, Fire Control Tech)
Peyton, Janice (N/A, Alcohol & Controlled Substance)805-652-7779
Pichardo, Roger (N/A, Business Management)805-652-7779
Pierce, Katherine (Student Services Specialist, Student Services)
Pineda, Emily (Admissions and Records Technician, Admissions and Records)
Pines, Ian (N/A, Art)805-652-7779
Pinto-Casillas, Maria (Instructor, Secretary/Admin Assistant)
Pitones, Juan (Instructor, Sociology)
Porter, Becca (N/A, Alcohol & Controlled Substance)805-652-7779
Prebble, Richard (N/A, H.S.I Program STEM Year 4)805-652-7779
Public Safety805-678-5115
Radford, Leslie (Instructor, Communication Studies)805-652-7779
Raguini, Hilario (Custodian, Maintenance & Operations (All))
Raitt, Ronald (N/A, ESL/Basic Skills 13-14)805-652-7779
Ramirez, Charles (Counselor, Counseling)
Ramirez, Edgardo (N/A, Student Equity 14-15)805-652-7779
Redding, Jeanette (Instructor, English)
Redmond, Terry (Counselor, CTE Pathways/CTE Transitions, CTE)
Reference Desk805-678-5820
Renbarger, Christopher (Interim Fiscal Services Supervisor, Business Services)
Reyna, Daniel (Instr Lab Tech II/Sciences, Physical Science General)
Rivera, Everardo (Counselor, EOPS)
Rivera, Jim (Custodian, Maintenance & Operations (All))
Rivero, Elvia (Instructor, Growth Plan/PACE 2000-2001)
Rodriguez, Anthony (Instructor, English)
Rodriguez, Berenice (Administrative Assistant, Foundation)
Rodriguez, Bertha (N/A, Student Equity 14-15)805-652-7779
Rodriguez, Gabriela (N/A, Dean Student Services Office)
Rodriguez, Jesus (Warehouse Operator, Maintenance & Operations)
Rodriguez, Kathy (N/A, ESL/Basic Skills 13-14)805-652-7779
Rodriguez Hernandez, Guillermo (N/A, Tutoring)805-652-7779
Romero, Cesar (Lieutenant, Campus Police)
Roth, Norman (N/A, Automotive Technology)805-652-7779
Ruppert, Jennifer (Counselor, EAC)805-652-7779
Ruvalcaba, Lilia (Instructor, Math)
Ryerson, Virginia (N/A, State Dept Rehab-Workability III)
Saenz, Joseph (N/A, Continuing Education/Evening Prog)805-652-7779
Salem, Simon (Supervisor, Child Development Center)
Sanchez, Juan (N/A, Learning Resources)
Sanchez, Luis (President, Administration)
Sanchez, Maria (N/A, Title V HSI Cooperative VC/OC Yr 2)805-652-7779
Sanchez, Matilde (Instructor, English)
Sanchez, Pilar (N/A, Culinary & Restaurant Mgmt (CRM))805-652-7779
Sanchez-Casillas, Nena (N/A, Dental Hygiene)805-652-7779
Sanders, Laurie (N/A, Alcohol & Controlled Substance)805-652-7779
Sanders, Russell (N/A, Philosophy)805-652-7779
Sandford, Dr. Art (Vice President , Academic Affairs)
Santiago, Mamerta (N/A, Math)805-652-7779
Scariano Willers, Rene (Instructor, English)
Schmidt, Christopher (Pe/Athl. Equip. Mgr., Athletics)
Schnopp, Sylvia (N/A, Business Management)805-652-7779
Schoonmaker, David (Assistant Baseball Coach , Athletics)805-652-7779
Scott, Megan (Counselor, Counseling)
Searcy, Randall (N/A, Student Equity 14-15)805-652-7779
Sharp, Aaron (Head Cross Country Coach)
Sharp, Debra (N/A, Athletics)805-652-7779
Shelby, Marcella (Instructor , Economics )
Shiratori, Yoshiyuki (Head Athletic Trainer, Athletics)
Siebers, Elaine (N/A, Dental Hygiene)805-652-7779
Silvey, Aaron (Performing Arts Center Tech II, Performing Art Bldg Operation)
Sindher, Harleen (Job Developer - Disabled Stdts, State Dept Rehab-Workability III)
Smith, Carey (N/A, Math)805-652-7779
Smith, Peggy (N/A, English)805-652-7779
Smog Referee 800-622-7733
SOCCER (Women's)805-678-5604
SOCCER, (Men's)805-678-2078
SOCIAL SCIENCE (Joshua Lieser Dept. Chair)
Soria, Manuel (N/A, ESL/Basic Skills 13-14)805-652-7779
Sotelo, Manuel (Custodian, Maintenance & Operations (All))
Soto, Mel (HVAC&R Technician, Maintenance & Operations (All))
Spooner, Paul (N/A, Culinary & Restaurant Mgmt (CRM))805-652-7779
Spykerman, Daniel (N/A, Fire Academy - CPAT)
Stafford, Emery (Faculty, Mathematics)
Staples, Kathleen (N/A, Alcohol & Controlled Substance)805-652-7779
STEM - Front Desk805-678-5952
STEM Office805-678-5235
Stewart, James (N/A, Air Conditioning and Refrigeration)805-652-7779
Stough, Thomas (Librarian, Library)
Su, Lan (N/A, Dental Hygiene)805-652-7779
Sube, Bob (Dir Facilities, Maint. & Oper., Maintenance & Operations (All))
Sullivan, Dana (N/A, Fire Control Tech)
Sullivan, Janalyn (Administrative Assistant, Math & Science)
Sun, Hala (Research Analyst, Project Acabado Year 1)
Sutton, Karen (Instructor, English)
Ta, Jacquelyne (Instructor, Mathematics)
Television Studio805-678-5817
Tellez, Melissa (N/A, H.S.I. Program STEM Year 3)805-652-7779
Tepfer, James (N/A, Philosophy)805-652-7779
Thompson, Aubreyanna (N/A, Athletics)805-652-7779
Thompson, Bryan (N/A, Library)805-652-7779 x50208
Tip Line805-652-7770 x7770
Torres, Linda (N/A, DSPS (EAC))805-652-7779
Tovar, Luis (N/A, Alcohol & Controlled Substance)805-652-7779
Toy-Palmer, Anna (Instructor, Chemistry)
Training Institute805-678-7638
Transcripts (Admissions & Records)805-678-5810
Transfer Center805-678-5837
Trefts, Dr. Shannon (Counselor, Career and Technical Education)
Trujillo, Paris (Curriculum Technician, Academic Affairs)
Tryk, Peter (Plumber, Maintenance and Operations)
Tudman, Kari (Instructor, English)
Tullis, LeeElle (N/A, DSPS (EAC))805-652-7779
Tutorial Center805-678-5846
Tyson, Deborah (Asst. Registrar, Admissions and Records (A & R))
Ulrich, Rachel (N/A, Biology & Health Education )805-652-7779
Valenzuela, Rosalina (Business Office Assistant I, Student Business Office)
Vega, Jose (Counselor, EOPS)
Veterans Office (Admissions & Records)805-678-5844
Villalpando, Maria (N/A, English)805-652-7779
Villanueva, Arvon (N/A, PE & Martial Arts)805-652-7779
Viveros, Hugo (N/A, Math)805-652-7779
Waltmann, Daniel (N/A, Automotive Technology)805-652-7779
Warters, Hayley (N/A, DSPS (EAC))805-652-7779
Webb, Linda (N/A, Student Success and Support 14-15)
Webb, Michael (Instructor, Alcohol & Controlled Substance)
Webster, Leslie (N/A, Counseling)805-652-7779
WELCOME CENTER805-678-5907
Wiley, Danielle (Dental Hygiene Admin. Asst., Dental Hygiene)
Williams, Richard (Instructor, Automotive Technology)
Wilson-Gonzalez, Jenn (Instructor, History)
Wittkins, Candice (Counselor Asst/DSS/Interpreter, EAC/Special Ed General (Classes))
Wolf, Scott (Instructor, Music)
Wolfkiel, Albert (N/A, Computer Information Systems)805-652-7779
Woodall, Yacine (Tutor, English/Language Arts)805-652-7779
Worth, Steven (N/A, Math)805-652-7779
Yang, Catalina (Instructor, Math)
Yzaguirre, David (Grounds Supervisor, Maintenance & Operations (All)
Zsarnay, Lois (Instructor, Alcohol & Controlled Substance)
Zuniga Olea, Juan (N/A, Math)
Zwaal, Emily (Instructor, Foreign Language General)