Dialing Directions

Abram, Dr. Michael (Instructor, Biology)
Academic Affairs805-678-5814
Academic Senate805-678-7609
Acosta, Ray (Library Technician, Library)
Addictive Disorders805-678-5043
Admissions & Records805-678-5810
Ainsworth, Alan (Instructor, Air Conditioning and Refrigeration)
Air Conditioning805-678-1982
Alarcon, Leah (Assistant Dean, Student Services)
Alexander, Michael (Director, Information Technology)
Almazan, Jorge (Custodian, Maintenance & Operations (All))
Anderson, Laura (Instr Data Specialist, EVP Student Learning Office)
Arias, Marisa (Office Assistant, Transfer Center)
Arias, Tonia (Adm. & Rec. Tech, Admissions and Records (A & R))
Arredondo Juarez, Antonio (N/A, Learning Resources)805-652-7779
Art Gallery805-678-5046
Asahan, Reuben (IT Tech Support Specialist III, Information Technology)
ASG Student Government805-678-5187
Askaryar, Hamida (N/A, Dental Hygiene Trust)805-652-7779
Astillero, Afausto (N/A, Student Equity 14-15)805-652-7779
Astillero, Jessica (N/A, Student Equity 14-15)805-652-7779
Athletics/Physical Education805-678-5825
Aurora, Rosleen (Financial Aid Specialist, Financial Aid)
Auto Body805-678-5047
Auto Technology805-678-5835
Aylett, Valerie (N/A, DSPS (EAC))805-678-5800
Ayoub, George (Faculty, Biology)
Azari, Dr. Cynthia (President, Administration)
Balchum, Amy (N/A, Health Services)805-652-7779
Banks, Karla (Ex. Asst. to the Pres/Conf., President Office)
Barrios, Blanca (Instr Data Specialist, Academic Affairs and Student Learning)
Barroso, America (Counselor Asst., VCCF-Boots to Books)
Baseball805-678-5800 x2076
Bassey, Dr. Edrissa (Instructor, Accounting)
Bates, Mark (Mathematics Professor, BSI Coordinator)
Beaman, Edythe (Instr Lab Tech II/Sciences, Physical Science General)
Beatty, Karen (N/A, Fire Control Tech)
Becker, Ariel (N/A, English)805-652-7779
Berrington, Noreen (Instructor, Child Development Center)
Biology Prep Room (Dan Reyna)
Black, Bret (Instructor, Math)
Blanchette, David (N/A, Tutoring)805-652-7779
Bonham, Teresa (Instructor, English)
Bouma, Hank (Instructor, Computer Information Systems)
Boys, Eric (Instructor, English)805-652-7779
Brennan, Kindah (N/A, Art)805-652-7779
Brown, Rusty (N/A, Physical Science General)805-652-7779
Brown, Susan (N/A, English)805-652-7779
Burke, Janice (N/A, Dental Hygiene)805-652-7779
Bush, Dr. Mike (Vice Pres., Business Services, Business Services)
Business Department Chair805-678-1981
Business Services805-678-5813
Cabral, Robert (Instructor, Business Management)
Callaway, Linda (EOPS/CARE Technician, EOPS)
Calvillo, Tracy (Marketing Specialist, Public Information Office)
CalWorks College Services805-678-5887
Camarena, Denise (Women's Soccer, Athletics)
Campos, Christina (N/A, Dental Hygiene)
Campos, Connie (Administrative Assistant, Dean of Liberal Studies)
Campus Police805-678-5805
Carabajal, Joe (Inst Lab Tech I/CRM, Culinary & Restaurant Mgmt (CRM))
Carachure, Rosario (Counselor, EOPS/CARE)
Career & Technical Education805-678-5824
Career Center805-678-5887
Carlman, Katherine (N/A, English)805-652-7779
Carmichael, Richard (N/A, Computer & Info Sci General)805-652-7779
Carnahan, Rick (Assistive Comp Tech/Media Spec, DSPS (EAC))
Carrasco, Susan (Counselor Assistant, Counseling)
Caruth, Elissa (Growth - Partnership for Excellence Instructor)
Casillas-Tortorelli, Graciela (Counselor, Transfer Center)
Castaneda, Eric (N/A, ESL/Basic Skills 14-15)805-652-7779
Castelo, Michelle (Senior Administrative Assist, Dean Student Services Office)
CDC Break Room805-678-1902
Centeno, Rene (N/A, Spanish)805-652-7779
Cervantes, Maria (Fin. Aid Spec., Financial Aid)
Chaparro, Linda (Instructor, Psychology)
Chau, Eric (N/A, Counseling)
Chavez, Celestina (Administrative Assistant, Fire Control Tech)
Chelonis, Ashley (Instructional Technologist, EVP Student Learning Office)
Chemistry Lab (Elena Lucin)
Child Developement Center805-678-5801
Circulation Desk Library805-678-5819
Coad, Kadeem (Admissions and Records Technician, Admissions and Records)
Cobian, Dr. Oscar (Vice President of Student Dev, Dean Student Services Office)
Cobos, Alicia (Bus Office Asst. I(Seasonal), Student Business Office)
Community Market (Swap Meet)805-678-5998
Computer Help Desk805-678-5898
Computer Lab LA-7805-678-1979
Computer Lab OE-2805-678-2052
Computer Lab OE-3805-678-1996
Condor Cafe805-678-5802
Cook, Ron (N/A, Physical Education)805-652-7779
Copy Center805-678-5842
Corse, Kevin (N/A, Automotive Technology)
Cota, Marisol (N/A, Personal Growth/Counseling)805-652-7779
Coupart, Noel (Bus Office Asst. I, Student Business Office)805-678-5811
Craine, James (N/A, Physical Science General)805-652-7779
Crank, Jeffery (N/A, Automotive Collision Repair)805-652-7779
Crawford, Jonas (Athletic Dir/Instr/Dept Chair, Physical Education)
Crockett, Luanne (Instructor, Chemistry)
Cross Country805-678-2080
Cross Country/Track805-678-2080
Crudo, Tamara (Instructor, Fire Control Tech)
Culinary Arts/Restaurant Management BISTRO805-678-5869
Curtis, Angela (N/A, Law General)805-652-7779
Dagum, Jesus (Custodian, Maintenance & Operations (All))
Danza, James (Instructor, Geography)
Davis, Shannon (Counselor, Articulation)
Dawald, Janet (Technical Data Specialist, EVP Student Learning Office)
De Kreek, Dirk (N/A, Engineering Technology)805-652-7779
De La O, Rudy (Custodian, Maintenance & Operations (All))
De la Torre, Teresa (Child Develop. Assoc., CalWorks)
Dean, Marlene (Instructor, Math)
Dental Hygiene805-678-5823
Derdiarian, Armine (Coordinator, Dental Hygiene)
DeRouen, Beau (IT Support Specialist II, Information Technology)
Dettorre, Scott (N/A, Fire Control Tech)
DeVries, Deborah (N/A, English)805-652-7779
Diaz, Joel (Registrar, Admissions and Records (A & R))
Diaz, Kevin (N/A, Student Equity 14-15)805-652-7779
Diaz Brown, Anthony (Instructional Lab Technician, Automotive Technology)
Ditto, Bradley (N/A, Fire Control Tech)
Downes, Kathleen (Asst. Registrar, Admissions and Records (A & R))805-678-5108
Duenes, Rolando (Custodian, Maintenance & Operations (All))
EAC (Educational Assistance Center)805-678-5830
Eads, Erica (N/A, Dental Hygiene)805-652-7779
Eberhardy, Dr. Diane (Instructor, Computer Information Systems)
Economic Development805-678-5831
Edwards, Amy (Instructor, Speech, Debate)
Edwards, Dr. Ishita (Instructor, Economics)
Embry, Christina (N/A, Student Success and Support 14-15)805-678-5800
Eng, Anne (N/A, Law General)805-652-7779
English Department Chair805-678-1949
Enriquez, Dr. Richard (Instructor, Dental Hygiene)
Equipment Room/PE
Evans Ortiz, Teri (Accounting Technician, Business Services)
Faasua, Linda (Financial Aid Officer., Financial Aid)
Faasua, Suisami (Weekend & Evening Activities Attendant, Business Services)
Fahs, Hussein (Instructor, Math)
Fahs, Stephanie (N/A, Title V H.S.I. Year 3)805-652-7779
Fernandez, Imelda (Student Services Specialist, Welcome Center)805-678-5253
Fernandez, Jesus (Police Officer, Campus Police)
Figueroa, Genneah (N/A, Culinary & Restaurant Mgmt (CRM))805-652-7779
Financial Aid805-678-5828
Fine Arts805-678-5804
Fire Academy Fax805-484-1651
Fire Academy/Technology805-678-5115
Fiscal Services805-678-5815
Flint, Kevin (N/A, Biology)805-652-7779
Flores, Cesar (Coordinator, EOPS)
Flores, Cybil Cruz (Office Assistant, EAC)805-652-7779
Flores, Fidelia (Financial Aid Specialist, BFAP)
Flowers, Debbie (Foster Care Project Specialist, Foster and Kinship Care Education)
Fontenette, Timothy (Faculty, Business Management)
Fontes, Ross (Counselor, EOPS)
Foster/Kinship Care Program805-678-5144
Frantz, Joe (N/A, Biology)805-652-7779
Fratini, Amber (Career Counselor, Transfer and Career Center)805-652-7779
Frehlich, Dianne (Instructor, Health Education/PE)
Frieder, Mitchell (N/A, Culinary & Restaurant Mgmt (CRM))805-652-7779
Fulkerson, Marcia (N/A, Speech, Debate)
Gallagher, Jonathan (Support Specialist, Information Technology)805-678-5211
Gamboa, Michael (N/A, History)805-652-7779
Garcia, Cesar (N/A, Student Equity 14-15)805-652-7779
Garcia, Diana (N/A, BFAP)805-652-7779
Garcia, Diana (Financial Aid Specialist, Financial Aid)
Garcia, Ivan (Officer, Campus Police)805-678-5805
Garcia, Melissa (Counselor)805-652-7779
Garcia, Stella (Children Center (non-instructional) Child Develop. Assoc.)
Gardner, David (Supervisor, Maintenance & Operations (All))
Geisler, Brian (Warehouse Operator, Maintenance & Operations (All))
Gisel, Thomas (N/A, Tutoring)805-652-7779
Goicoechea, Dr. Daniel (Counselor, Counseling)
Gonzales, Breanna (N/A, Athletics)805-652-7779
Gonzales, Carlos (N/A, Performance (Choral,Band, etc))805-652-7779
Gonzalez, Dr. Luis (Dean, Athletics, Health, Library, PE, & Transitional Studies)
Gonzalez, Eliseo (N/A, H.S.I. Program STEM Year 5)
Gonzalez Perez, Gabriel (Women's Soccer, Athletics)
Greaney, Ross (Men's Soccer Coach, Athletics)
Greene, Patricia (N/A, Accounting)805-652-7779
Greer, John (N/A, Anthropology)805-652-7779
Guevara, Gloria (Instructor, Political Science)
Gullekson, Cynthia (Bursar, Student Business Office)
Gutierrez, Edna (Assistant Softball Coach, Athletics)805-652-7779
Habal, John (Matriculation Spec. I, Student Success and Support 14-15)
Habring-Frehlich, Diane (Instructor, PE)
Hall, Dr. Steven (Instructor, Math)
Hamidisabet, Shyan (Interpreter, DSPS (EAC))805-652-7779
Handy, Roland (N/A, Continuing Education/Evening Prog)805-652-7779
Harber, Dr. James (Instructor, Biology)
Hart, Adam (Faculty, Culinary and Restaurant Management)
Haven, Tyler (Instructional Lab Technician II, Science)
Hawley, Carinne (N/A, Dental Hygiene)805-652-7779
Hayashi, Alan (Instructor, Math)
Health Services805-678-5832
Helfrich, Lisa (Instructor Transitional English & Reading, Transitional Studies)
Hernandez, Steven (Assistant Baseball Coach , Athletics)805-652-7779
Hernandez Munoz, Gabriel (Custodian, Maintenance and Operations)
Herrera, Dr. Cynthia (Dean, Student Success and Support 14-15)
Herrera, Marcos (N/A, Culinary & Restaurant Mgmt (CRM))805-652-7779
Hiben, Jeff (Instr Lab Tech 1, Automotive Technology)
High Tech Center805-678-5829
Hill, Bryan (Assistant Men's Soccer Coach , Athletics)805-652-7779
Hill, Carl (Maint. Worker I, Maintenance & Operations (All))
Hill, Janelle (Project Specialist Career & Tech Education, CTE Transitions)
Hoffman, Damien (Research Analyst, Student Success and Support)
Holmberg, Robert (N/A, Culinary & Restaurant Mgmt (CRM))805-652-7779
Holmes, Tamara (N/A, Student Equity 14-15)805-652-7779
Hopper, Lisa (Research Analyst, Title V H.S.I. Year 2)
Horrock, Christopher (Instructor, Philosophy)
House, Stephanie (N/A, Accounting)805-652-7779
Howarth, David805-678-5842
Hughes, Kevin (Instructor, History)
Hurtado, Milena (Instructor, Spanish)805-678-5221
Hutchison, Cynthia (N/A, Business Management)805-652-7779
Inda, Darlene (Interim College Services Supervisor, Business Services)
Ingersoll, Jimmy (N/A, Math)805-652-7779
Inouye, Dr. Carolyn (Dean, Math & Science)
Institutional Research805-678-5860
Irie, Ichiro (N/A, Art)805-652-7779
Isais, Veronica (Office Assistant, CalWorks)
IT Help Desk805-678-5898
Jafroodi, Vahid (Police Officer, Campus Police)
Jay, Lori (Adminisrative Assistant, Business Services)
K Mukherjee, Ajit (N/A, Psychology)805-652-7779
Kama'ila, Dr. Linda (Faculty, Anthropology)
Kaskus, Debra (N/A, EAC/Special Ed General (Classes))805-652-7779
Katznelson, Marci (N/A, Music)805-652-7779
Kearns, Kevin (N/A, Fire Academy)
Ketaily, Michael (Instructor, Fire Academy)
King-Rushing, Bola (Instructor, English)
Klein, Marcella (Grant Director, Project Acabado Year 1)
Koe, Jeffrey (N/A, Engineering Technology)805-652-7779
Kromka, David (Fire Academy Equipment Tech., Fire Academy)
Kuang, Jessica (Instructor, Math)
Kwiatkowski, James (N/A, Automotive Technology)805-652-7779
LANGUAGE LAB/LS Bldg805-678-2036
Lara-Cruz, Christopher (N/A, EVP Student Learning Office)805-652-7779
Larson, Jon (Head Baseball Coach, Athletics)
Lawley, Erin (Head Softball Coach & Instructor, Athletics, HED, & PE)
Lawson, Anitra (Instructor, Film, Television, & Electronic Media)
Lewis, Frances (Administrative Assistant, Dean, Career Tecnical Education)
Library Elevator805-678-2198
Lieser, Joshua (Instructor, History)
LIFE SCIENCE LAB805-678-2004
Lopez, Cristian (Custodian, Maintenance and Operations)
Lopez, David (Growth - Partnership for Excellence Matric Coordinator/Counselor)
Lopez, Gloria (Counselor, EOPS)
Lowe, Michael (N/A, Math)805-652-7779
Lua, Emilio (N/A, Tutoring)805-652-7779
Lucin, Elena (Instructional Lab Technician II, Science)
Lulejian, Jerry (Instructor, Law General)
Luna, Imelda (Accounting Technician, Business Services)
Luna, Natalia (N/A, Student Success and Support 14-15)805-652-7779
Lupian, Marcos (Counselor Asst., College Outreach)
Lynch, Alex (Instructor, Engineering Technology)
M, Margaret (N/A, Continuing Education/Evening Prog)805-652-7779
Ma, Yong (Instructor, Chemistry)
MacDougall, Adam (N/A, English)805-652-7779
Mack, Rainer (N/A, Art)
Mackey, Kathleen (N/A, Title V HSI Cooperative VC/OC Yr 1)805-652-7779
Madrigal, Dora (N/A, Spanish)805-652-7779
Magenau, Keller (CTE Grant Director, CTE)
Mainzer, Christiane (Instructor, Geology)
Maldonado, Jose A. (Instructor, English)
Marchione, Anthony (N/A, Culinary & Restaurant Mgmt (CRM))805-652-7779
Marcum, Cassandra (Matriculation Specialist, Admissions and Records)
MARINE STUDIES805-985-9801
Martinez, Amparo (Administrative Assistant, DSPS (EAC))
Martinez, Arcelia (N/A, H.S.I. Program STEM Year 2)805-652-7779
Martinez, Imaret (Manager, Bookstore)
Martinez, Linda (N/A, Health Services)805-678-5226
Mashhoon, Neda (N/A, Chemistry)805-652-7779
Mata, Diana (N/A, Civic Center)805-652-7779
MATH LAB/LS BLDG.805-678-2051
Matsuo, Amiko (N/A, Art)805-652-7779
Mattox, Melissa (N/A, Dental Hygiene)805-652-7779
Matzenger, George (Custodian, Maintenance & Operations (All))
McAnulty, Jr., Arthur (N/A, Baseball Club)805-652-7779
McArthur, Judy (Counselor, DSPS (EAC))
McAulife, Carrie805-678-1935
McClurkin, Ron (Head Basketball Coach & Instructor, Athletics, HED, & PE)
McCormick, Clifford (N/A, Automotive Technology)805-652-7779
McDonald, Susan (N/A, Dental Hygiene)805-652-7779
McFadden, Deanna (Coordinator, Health Services)
McPherson, Gaylene (Instructor, English)
Melidonis, Arion (Instructor, Anthropology)
Menchaca, Luke (Matriculation Specialist 1, Admissions and Records)
Mendelsohn, Krista (Curriculum Technician, EVP Student Learning Office)
Mendez, Patricia (Instructor, Child Development (Instructional))
Mendoza, Bertha (Children Center (non-instructional) Child Develop. Assoc.)
Mieczko, Jacqueline (N/A, Speech, Debate)805-652-7779
Milan, Cecilia (Instructor, Spanish)
Miller, Justin (Instructor, Physics)
Miller, Krys (N/A, Biology)805-652-7779
Miller, Laura805-678-7632
Milton, Ody (N/A, Culinary & Restaurant Mgmt (CRM))805-652-7779
Mojica, Letty (Counselor, Cal Works)
Montes, Francisco (N/A, Health Services)805-652-7779
Morales, Maricela (N/A, Student Equity 14-15)805-678-5800
Morales, Patricia (N/A, H.S.I Program STEM Year 4)805-652-7779
Morales, Violet (Adm. & Rec. Asst. II (Season), Admissions and Records (A & R))
Moran Romero, Jaime (Custodian, Maintenance & Operations (All))
Morla, Christine (Instructor, Art)
Morris, Robert (Instructor, Fire Control Tech)
Munoz, Marta (Counselor & Coordinator, CalWORKs)
Munyantwali, Julius (Athletic Counselor, Counseling)
Mussehl, Jennifer805-678-5872
Mutz, Stephanie (N/A, Biology)805-652-7779
Najarian, Raffi (N/A, Dental Assisting)805-652-7779
Navarro, Yolanda (Administrative Assistant, Maintenance & Operations / STEM)805-678-5800 x5191 /
Nelson-Nusser, Laurie (Senior Administrative Assist, VP Student Learning & Academic Affairs)
Newby, Shannon (Instructor, Biology)
Newlow, Della (Learning Disabilities Spec, EAC/Special Ed General (Classes))
Newton, Patrick (N/A, English)805-652-7779
Newville, Margaret (Instructor, Dental Hygiene)
Nicholson, Michael (Instructor, Biology)
Nicoll, Susan (Administrative Assistant, Educational Services and Research)
Norbutas, John (N/A, Growth Plan/PACE 2000-2001)805-652-7779
Norton, Amelia (N/A, English)805-652-7779
CTE (CTE)805-678-5869
OCTV STUDIO805-678-5817
O'Neil, Thomas (Instructor, Geology)
Orange, Leo (Coordinator, DSPS (EAC))
Orense, Julian (Maintenance & Operations)
Ortega, Giovanni (Grant Director Basic Skills & Student Outcomes, Transformation Program)
Ortega, Jose (Instructor, Automotive Collision Repair)
Ortiz, Dolores (Instructor, Sociology)805-6785270
Osborne, Randall (N/A, Fire Control Tech)
Owens, Connie (Comm. Dev. & Inst. Adv. Spec., President Office)
Padilla, Denise (Fin. Aid Spec., BFAP 10-11)
Padilla, Richard (Assistant, Library)805-678-5223
Parreira, Mathew (Electrician, Maintenance & Operations (All))
Pena, Rebecca (N/A, Health Education)805-652-7779
Pena, Zenaida (EOPS/CARE Technician, CARE)
Pena Jr, John (Carpenter, Maintenance & Operations (All))
Peraza, George (N/A, Physical Education)805-652-7779
Perey, Heherson (N/A, CRM Class)805-652-7779
Perez, Michael (N/A, Tutoring)805-652-7779
Perez, Nelly (Stdt. Hlth. Ctr. Asst. I, Health Services)
Perez-Godinez, Eric (N/A, Student Equity 14-15)805-652-7779
Petersen, Mark (N/A, Fire Control Tech)
Peyton, Janice (N/A, Alcohol & Controlled Substance)805-652-7779
Pichardo, Roger (N/A, Business Management)805-652-7779
Pierce, Katherine (Student Services Specialist, Student Services)
Pines, Ian (N/A, Art)805-652-7779
Pinto-Casillas, Maria (Instructor, Secretary/Admin Assistant)
Pitones, Juan (Instructor, Sociology)
Porter, Becca (N/A, Alcohol & Controlled Substance)805-652-7779
Prebble, Richard (N/A, H.S.I Program STEM Year 4)805-652-7779
Public Safety805-678-5115
Radford, Leslie (N/A, PACE)805-652-7779
Raguini, Hilario (Custodian, Maintenance & Operations (All))
Raitt, Ronald (N/A, ESL/Basic Skills 13-14)805-652-7779
Ramirez, Charles (Counselor, Counseling)
Ramirez, Edgardo (N/A, Student Equity 14-15)805-652-7779
Redding, Jeanette (Instructor, English)
Redmond, Terry (Counselor, CTE Pathways/CTE Transitions, CTE)
Reference Desk805-678-5820
Renbarger, Christopher (Interim Fiscal Services Supervisor, Business Services)
Reyna, Daniel (Instr Lab Tech II/Sciences, Physical Science General)
Rhodes, Jacob (N/A, Student Equity 14-15)805-652-7779
Rivera, Everardo (Counselor, EOPS)
Rivera, Jim (Custodian, Maintenance & Operations (All))
Rivero, Elvia (Instructor, Growth Plan/PACE 2000-2001)
Rodriguez, Anthony (Instructor, English)
Rodriguez, Berenice (Office Assistant, EOPS)
Rodriguez, Bertha (N/A, Student Equity 14-15)805-652-7779
Rodriguez, Gabriela (N/A, Dean Student Services Office)
Rodriguez, Jesus (Grounds Equip. Opr/Mech., Maintenance & Operations (All))
Rodriguez, Jesus (Grounds, Maintenance & Operations)805-678-5821
Rodriguez, Kathy (N/A, ESL/Basic Skills 13-14)805-652-7779
Rodriguez Hernandez, Guillermo (N/A, Tutoring)805-652-7779
Romero, Cesar (Lieutenant, Campus Police)
Roth, Norman (N/A, Automotive Technology)805-652-7779
Ruddock, Amber (N/A, Psychology)805-652-7779
Ruppert, Jennifer (Counselor, EAC)805-652-7779
Ruvalcaba, Lilia (Instructor, Math)
Ryerson, Virginia (N/A, State Dept Rehab-Workability III)
Saenz, Joseph (N/A, Continuing Education/Evening Prog)805-652-7779
Salameh, Souleiman (N/A, Student Equity 14-15)805-652-7779
Sanchez, Graciela (Financial Aid Specialist, Financial Aid)
Sanchez, Juan (N/A, Learning Resources)
Sanchez, Maria (N/A, Title V HSI Cooperative VC/OC Yr 2)805-652-7779
Sanchez, Matilde (Instructor, English)
Sanchez, Pilar (N/A, Culinary & Restaurant Mgmt (CRM))805-652-7779
Sanchez-Casillas, Nena (N/A, Dental Hygiene)805-652-7779
Sanders, Laurie (N/A, Alcohol & Controlled Substance)805-652-7779
Sanders, Russell (N/A, Philosophy)805-652-7779
Sandford, Dr. Art (Dean, Liberal Studies)
Santiago, Mamerta (N/A, Math)805-652-7779
Scariano Willers, Rene (Instructor, English)
Schmidt, Christopher (Pe/Athl. Equip. Mgr., Athletics)
Schnopp, Sylvia (N/A, Business Management)805-652-7779
Schoonmaker, David (Assistant Baseball Coach , Athletics)805-652-7779
Scott, Caren (N/A, Student Equity 14-15)805-652-7779
Scott, Megan (Counseling Assistant, Counseling)
Searcy, Randall (N/A, Student Equity 14-15)805-652-7779
Shanach, Sheldon (N/A, Physical Science General)805-652-7779
Sharp, Aaron (Head Cross Country Coach)
Sharp, Debra (N/A, Athletics)805-652-7779
Shear, Jan (N/A, Sociology)805-652-7779
Shiratori, Yoshiyuki (Head Athletic Trainer, Athletics)
Siebers, Elaine (N/A, Dental Hygiene)805-652-7779
Silvey, Aaron (Performing Arts Center Tech II, Performing Art Bldg Operation)
Sindher, Harleen (Job Developer - Disabled Stdts, State Dept Rehab-Workability III)
Smith, Carey (N/A, Math)805-652-7779
Smith, Peggy (N/A, English)805-652-7779
Smog Referee 800-622-7733
SOCCER (Women's)805-678-5604
SOCCER, (Men's)805-678-2078
SOCIAL SCIENCE (Joshua Lieser Dept. Chair)
Solorio, Katheryn (N/A, Student Equity 14-15)805-652-7779
Soria, Manuel (N/A, ESL/Basic Skills 13-14)805-652-7779
Sotelo, Manuel (Custodian, Maintenance & Operations (All))
Soto, Mel (HVAC&R Technician, Maintenance & Operations (All))
Spooner, Paul (N/A, Culinary & Restaurant Mgmt (CRM))805-652-7779
Spykerman, Daniel (N/A, Fire Academy - CPAT)
Stafford, Emery (Faculty, Mathematics)
Staples, Kathleen (N/A, Alcohol & Controlled Substance)805-652-7779
STEM - Front Desk805-678-5952
STEM Office805-678-5235
Stewart, James (N/A, Air Conditioning and Refrigeration)805-652-7779
Stough, Thomas (Associate Librarian, Library)
Su, Lan (N/A, Dental Hygiene)805-652-7779
Sube, Bob (Dir Facilities, Maint. & Oper., Maintenance & Operations (All))
Sullivan, Dana (N/A, Fire Control Tech)
Sullivan, Janalyn (Administrative Assistant, Math & Science)
Sun, Hala (Research Analyst, Project Acabado Year 1)
Sutton, Karen (Instructor, English)
Ta, Jacquelyne (Instructor, Mathematics)
Tafoya, Dr. Christina (Dean, Career and Tech Ed, Business Management)
Television Studio805-678-5817
Tellez, Melissa (N/A, H.S.I. Program STEM Year 3)805-652-7779
Tepfer, James (N/A, Philosophy)805-652-7779
Thompson, Aubreyanna (N/A, Athletics)805-652-7779
Thompson, Bryan (N/A, Library)805-652-7779 x50208
Tip Line805-652-7770 x7770
Tlaxcuapan-Casillas, Jose (Bookstore Stock Asst (Seasnl), Bookstore)805-652-7779
Torres, Linda (N/A, DSPS (EAC))805-652-7779
Tovar, Luis (N/A, Alcohol & Controlled Substance)805-652-7779
Toy-Palmer, Anna (Instructor, Chemistry)
Training Institute805-678-7638
Transcripts (Admissions & Records)805-678-5810
Transfer Center805-678-5837
Trefts, Shannon (N/A, Counseling)
Tryk, Peter (Plumber, Maintenance and Operations)
Tudman, Kari (Instructor, English)
Tullis, LeeElle (N/A, DSPS (EAC))805-652-7779
Tutorial Center805-678-5846
Tyson, Deborah (Asst. Registrar, Admissions and Records (A & R))
Ulrich, Rachel (N/A, Biology & Health Education )805-652-7779
Valenzuela, Rosalina (Business Office Assistant I, Student Business Office)
Vasquez, Rojelio (Roy) (Vice President of Academic Affairs , Academic Affairs)
Vega, Jose (Counselor, EOPS)
Vega Osornio, Jacob (N/A, Student Equity 14-15)805-652-7779
Vera, Abigail (N/A, Student Equity 14-15)805-652-7779
Veterans Office (Admissions & Records)805-678-5844
Villalpando, Maria (N/A, English)805-652-7779
Villanueva, Arvon (N/A, PE & Martial Arts)805-652-7779
Viveros, Hugo (N/A, Math)805-652-7779
Waltmann, Daniel (N/A, Automotive Technology)805-652-7779
Warner, Gail (Dir., Fire Tech/Fire Acad Prog, Fire Control Tech)
Warters, Hayley (N/A, DSPS (EAC))805-652-7779
Wasef, Rosalie (Children Center (non-instructional) Retiree - Classified)805-652-7779
Webb, Linda (N/A, Student Success and Support 14-15)
Webb, Michael (Instructor, Alcohol & Controlled Substance)
Webster, Leslie (N/A, Counseling)805-652-7779
WELCOME CENTER805-678-5907
Wiley, Danielle (Dental Hygiene Admin. Asst., Dental Hygiene)
Williams, Richard (Instructor, Automotive Technology)
Wilson-Gonzalez, Jenn (Instructor, History)
Wittkins, Candice (Counselor Asst/DSS/Interpreter, EAC/Special Ed General (Classes))
Wolf, Scott (Instructor, Music)
Wolfkiel, Albert (N/A, Computer Information Systems)805-652-7779
Woodall, Yacine (N/A, ESL/Basic Skills 14-15)805-652-7779
Worth, Steven (N/A, Math)805-652-7779
Yang, Catalina (Instructor, Math)
Yzaguirre, David (Grounds Supervisor, Maintenance & Operations (All)
Zsarnay, Lois (N/A, Alcohol & Controlled Substance)
Zuniga Olea, Juan (N/A, Math)
Zwaal, Emily (Instructor, Foreign Language General)