What is the High School Articulation Program?

The High School Articulation Program provides the academic and vocational preparation for your identified Career Pathway. High School students will begin your program of study at a secondary institution in order to earn an advanced technical certification or degree. Career Pathways are academically rigorous and designed to provide, you--the student, with not only the fundamental skills required for post-secondary admission but also the technical skills that will enable you to have a successful career in California's new, high tech economy.

Why is this important to today's High School Student?

  • 80% of all careers require education and training beyond high school but not necessarily a four year degree.
  • 44% of all jobs will include information management: collecting, analyzing, synthesizing, storing and retrieving data.
  • Tomorrow's employees will have to be adaptible since they will change careers often throughout their working lives.
  • Future workers will need to have a broader knowledge base (with skills to match) that will allow them to perform a variety of tasks and help them transition between jobs as they advance their careers.

 What are the benefits to High School Students?

  • High school juniors and seniors may earn college credit while attending high school.
  • Students minimize course duplication thus saving them both time and money.
  • Juniors and seniors have the opportunity to interact with college faculty and students.