Marketing, Sales, & Service Industry Sector
Marketing, Sales, & Service Industry Sector

This sector is designed to prepare learners for careers in planning, managing, and performing marketing activities. Included are four career pathways: E-commerce, which provides instruction in using electronic tools to market products and services; Entrepreneurship, which develops skills and abilities to begin and operate a business independently or with other individuals; International Trade, which focuses on understanding the global business environment; and Professional Sales and Marketing, which builds knowledge of the sales process, sales management, and marketing information management.

Oxnard College Marketing Pathway

Careers to Explore
Entry Level
with high school diploma
Technical Level
with AA or AS degree or certificate
Professional Level
with BS or BA degree

Credit Checkers
Customer Service Representatives
Data Entry Clerk
Route Salesperson
Stock Clerks, Sales Floor
Postal Service Mail Carriers
Insurance Policy Processing
Real Estate Sales Agents
Small Business Entrepreneur

Account Supervisor
E-Commerce Entrepreneur
E-Commerce Marketing Specialist
Forum Manager
Bill and Account Collectors
Credit Authorizers
Statistical Assistants
Travel Agents
Regional Sales Manager
Retail/Wholesale Buyer

Brand Manager
E-Commerce Director
Interactive Sales Engineer
Sales Agent, Financial Services
International Trade Specialist
Marketing Research Analyst
Wholesales Distribution Manager
National Account Manager

Career information courtesy of King's County Office of Education