Information Systems Pathway
Information Technology Industry Sector

Information Technology careers are divided into four pathways: Information Support and Services, the foundation of all successful business organizations today; Media Support and Services, involving the creation, design, and production of multimedia products and services; Network Communications, involving network analysis, planning, and implementation; and Programming and Systems Development, involving the design, development, and implementation of computer systems and software.

Information Systems Pathway

Careers to Explore
Entry Level
with high school diploma
Technical Level
with AA or AS degree or certificate
Professional Level
with BS or BA degree

Help Desk Specialist
Computer Repairer
LAN Maintenance Technician
Production Technician
Web Page Developer
Computer Operator
Word Processing Operator

Computer Support Specialist
LAN Support Technician
Software/Hardware Installer
Telecommunications Specialist
Network Administrator
Data Communications Specialist
Computer Graphic Artist
Desktop Publisher
Multimedia Specialist
Web Designer
Database Administrator
Technical Writer

Computer Programmers
Computer Security Specialist
Database Administrators
Software Engineers
Information Systems Architect
Telephony System Administrator
Tower Project Coordinator
Systems Engineer
Network Analyst
Graphic Designer
Multimedia Artist/Animator
Web Architect
Corporate Communications Manager

Career information courtesy of King's County Office of Education