Food Service and Hospitality
Hospitality, Tourism & Recreation Industry Sector

This sector encompasses three distinct yet related career pathways: Food Science, Dietetics, and Nutrition; Food Service and Hospitality; and Hospitality, Tourism, and Recreation. Each pathway includes a coherent sequence of courses, starting with a foundation course that leads to one or more concentration courses and a capstone course. The concentration courses focus on technical preparation, including career awareness and exploration, which is based on industry-approved curricula. The necessary knowledge and skills are acquired within a sequential, standards-based program that encompasses hands-on, project-based, and work-based instruction as well as leadership development, internship, mentoring, work experience, job shadowing, and cooperative career technical education.

Food Service & Hospitality Pathway

Careers to Explore
Entry Level
with high school diploma
Technical Level
with AA or AS degree or certificate
Professional Level
with BS or BA degree

Youth Recreation Leader
Hotel Guest Services
Food Preparation Worker
Food and Beverage Wait Staff
Dietary Aide
Food Product Tester
Quality Control Technician
Line Cook
Food Expediter
Bakery Helper
Camp Counselor
Recreation Leader
Spa Attendant
Front Desk Worker

Food Inspector
Dietetic Technician
Food Production Chemist
Food and Beverage Director
Food Service Manager
Food Designer
Social Director
Tour Guide/Manager
Hotel Concierge
Convention Planner
Travel Agent
Concert Promoter
Event / Wedding Planner
Flight Attendant
Club Manager

Registered Dietician
Food Technologist
Food Product Developer
Sous/Executive Chef
Food and Beverage Analyst
Food Service Director
Food Stylist
Visitor & Convention Bureau Director
Registered Dietician
Non-Profit Association
Museum Director/Curator
Club / Resort / Hotel Manager
Theme Park Director
Convention Coordinator
Travel Company Manager

Career information courtesy of King's County Office of Education