Business pathway
Finance & Business Industry Sector

The sector includes three pathways. Accounting Services provides instruction in developing and utilizing general accounting systems; Banking and Related Services focuses on the fundamentals of lending and banking regulations; and Business Financial Management helps develop skills in investment analysis and guidance. Students interested in pursuing one or more of these pathways should develop knowledge and skills in mathematics, communications, and technology.

Accounting Pathway

Business/Financial Management Pathway

Careers to Explore
Entry Level
with high school diploma
Technical Level
with AA or AS degree or certificate
Professional Level
with BS or BA degree

Account Clerk
Audit Clerk
Payroll Clerk
Bank Teller
New Account Clerk
Account Collector
Credit Clerk
Claims Clerk
Insurance Appraiser
Records Processor
Client Services Clerk
Brokerage Clerk

Account Specialist
Cost Estimator
Tax Preparer
Associate Accountant
Administrative Assistant
Office Manager
Loan Specialist
Credit Analyst
Claims Examiner
Tax Examiner
Underwriting Assistant
Insurance Claims Agent

Bank Officer
Stock Broker
Real Estate Broker
Business Teacher
Budget Analyst
Bank Manager
Escrow Officer
Financial Planner
Securities Manager