Arts Media Industry Sector
Arts, Media & Entertainment Industry Sector

The Media and Design Arts career pathway comprises a large number of industry occupations, such as user interface design, digital animation, print design, commercial photography, and cinematography. The Performing Arts pathway focuses on the direct creation of art and entertainment by individual artists and includes professional applications of theatre, dance, and music. And the Production and Managerial Arts pathway focuses on developing the organizational and managerial knowledge and skills needed to bring arts, media, and entertainment to the public as well as on training those who do the behind-the-scene jobs, such as set design, sound design, digital modeling, film editing, and camera work. For most of the skilled and semiskilled occupations in this industry sector, postsecondary education and training are expected.

Television Pathway

Careers to Explore
Entry Level
with high school diploma
Technical Level
with AA or AS degree or certificate
Professional Level
with BS or BA degree

Visual Artist
Photographers Assistant
Lighting Technician
Makeup Artist
Electronic Equipment Operator
Camera Technician
Broadcast Technician
Sound Technician
Disc or Video Jockey
Voice-over Artist
Stunt Person
Dolly Grip
Focus Puller

Stage Manager
Recording Studio Assistant
Special Effects Coordinator
Web Designer
Prop Maker
Graphic Designer/Artist
Film Maker
Camera Operator
Screen Writer
Music Minister
Radio/Television Broadcaster
Negative Cutter
Key Production Grip

Industrial Designer
Foreign Language Interpreter
Music Teacher
Technical Writer
Sound Engineer
Medical Scientific Illustrator
Media and Design Arts Instructor
Music Accompanist
Music Director/Conductor
Sound Design Editor
Visual Effects Coordinator

Career information courtesy of King's County Office of Education