How will a video-based course appear on an official transcript?

It will appear as a regular credit course.

What if I have questions about the course material?

An instructor certified in the course subject matter is assigned to each course and is available to answer your questions via phone or meet with you on campus.

How can I see the lessons on television?

You can watch them on Oxnard College Television, (OCTV) which airs in the Oxnard and Port Hueneme area on channel 15 on the Adelphia Cable system. The college channel is not aired outside that area at this time. Contact your cable provider to request OCTV on your system. Telecourses on OCTV are aired with at least one repeat each week. Some telecourse programs are also aired on KCET each semester, although their air dates may not correspond exactly with your instructor's syllabus. Intelecom lists schedules for other broadcasters at http://intelecom.org/memberservices/new/broadcast_schedules.asp?page=schedules.

May I tape the lessons and watch them later?

Yes, but check your tape the same day in case you need to record the lesson again. Sometimes there is a technical problem with the broadcast airing, and the video-based lesson may not have aired properly. Therefore your VCR may not have actually recorded the course.

May I watch video-based courses anywhere else?

Yes. The Oxnard College Learning Center has the tapes available, but they must be viewed there. The library also has some tapes available for overnight check out at the circulation desk. Call ahead of time to assure availability at 986-5818.


May I rent the tapes and watch them at home?

Many Telecourses can be purchased from www.intelecom.org. If your telecourse is not available through Intelecom, it may be rented from RMI for an additional fee. For detailed information call RMI at 1.800.745.5480.

Where do I buy my books?

Required textbooks and study guides are available at the campus bookstore.

Where can I take my video-based course tests?

Students take their exams with their instructor.


How many tests will I have to take?

The number of exams may vary depending on the course. Please note: Some courses do not have tests, but instead work is graded based on written papers and projects. Check your course outline.

May I access the Oxnard College broadcast schedule on the Internet?

Yes, it is located at the OCTV Program Guide page

How do I register for a video-based course?

The registration process is the same as those for campus-based and online courses. There is no additional fee for video-based courses.

May I take a video-based telecourse if I am receiving veteran's benefits?

According to VA regulations, video-based telecourses may be taken as part of the course load for which students are receiving VA benefits. Veterans should refer to the Student Services section, Veteran Affairs, in the catalog for information.

How do I get information about my course after office hours?

Information about updates are available by calling the Oxnard College Television at 805.986.5817. Announcements may also be viewed on the Adelphia Channel 15.

Where is the TV department office located and when is it open?

The TV department office is located in the Learning Resources Center Building on the campus of Oxnard College at 4000 S. Rose Avenue. Office hours are Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., You can reach the office by phone at: 805.986-5817.

What if Oxnard College does not have my correct mailing address?

A lot of college-related information is sent via U.S. mail. Therefore, it is very important that Oxnard College has your correct mailing address. If your mailing address has changed, you can change it yourself in the VCCCD portal, or contact any campus enrollment services office to provide updated information.

Are there any services provided for disabled students?

Yes. The campus has an Educational Access Center. All of the video-based courses are closed-captioned for the deaf and hearing impaired.

What if I live outside of the Oxnard/Port Hueneme area and want to take a video-based course?

You may still enroll in a video-based course! You may purchase the videos from the OC Bookstore, or online from www.intelecom.org. You can view material on campus in the Learning Center, check out tapes overnight from the OC Library, or you may be able to view programming on KCET.

What if I have a question that isn't answered here?

Simply call the TV department office at 805-986-5817 or email the Station Manager, Kitty Merrill, at kmerrill@vcccd.net