Transitional Studies

Transitional Studies (aka Basic Skills) Mission Statement

The Mission of Developmental Education (aka "Transitional Studies) at Oxnard College is to provide classes, services, and programs to empower students to achieve their academic, career, and lifelong learning goals. Transitional Studies builds a multidisciplinary foundation (including ESL, English composition, reading, and mathematics, and study skills) from which students can succeed at college-level learning and exemplifies the institution's commitment to its overall mission, particularly apropos to basic skills and English language learners.

The Transitional Studies Advisory Committee Membership

The Transitional Studies Advisory Committee is comprised of the following individuals:

Name Position

Ken Sherwood, Co-Chair, Dean of Liberal Studies
Mark Bates, Co-Chair, Basic Skills Coordinator
Dr. Carolyn Inouye, Dean of Math, Science, PE, Athletics
Della Newlow, Faculty, EAC
Jose Cornelio, Director of Tutorial Center
Marlene Dean, Faculty, Math
Lisa Hopper, Institutional Research Assistant
David Lopez Counseling, Matriculation
Maria de la Luz Flores, Outreach Specialist
Margaret M, Faculty, English
David Magallanes, Faculty, Mathematics
Jim Merrill, Letters Dept. Chair
Mati Sanchez, Faculty, Reading and ESL

Karen Sutton, Faculty, English
Cesar Flores, Director of EOPS

The Committee meets monthly. You can read our agendas and minutes to see what has been occurring at Committee meetings since January 2009.

Agendas / Minutes

Thursday, Agenda for January 22, 2009 // Minutes for January 22, 2009
Thursday, Agenda for February 26, 2009 //Minutes for February 26, 2009
Thursday, Agenda for March 26, 2009 //Minutes for March 26, 2009
Thursday, Agenda for April 23, 2009 //Minutes for April 23, 2009
Thursday, Agenda for May 14, 2009 //Minutes for May 14, 2009
Monday, Agenda for August 31, 2009 // Minutes for August 31, 2009
Monday, Agenda for October 5, 2009 // Minutes for October 5, 2009
Monday, Agenda for November 2, 2009 // Minutes for November 2, 2009
Monday, Agenda for November 30, 2009 // Minutes for November 30, 2009
Thursday, Agenda for January 21, 2010 // Minutes for January 21, 2010
Thursday, Agenda for February 18, 2010 // Minutes for February 28, 2010
Monday, Agenda for March 15, 2010 // Minutes for March 15, 2010
Monday, Agenda for April 19, 2010 // Minutes for April 19, 2010
Thursday, Agenda for May 6, 2010 // Minutes for May 6, 2010
Monday, Agenda for September 30, 2010 // Minutes for September 20, 2010
Thursday, Agenda for October 28, 2010

Transitional Studies Description in the Educational Master Plan and Documents of General Interest

To see the Transitional Studies description, plans, etc., in the Educational Master Plan, please click on the link in this sentence.

Basic Skills Coordinator Job Description - as of April 2010
Year End Report for Transitional Studies - 2009-2010
Reading/Writing Center Proposal as of March 2010
Chart Showing How Transitional Studies Is Organized on Oxnard College Campus
Transitional Studies Committee Description in Participatory Governance Manual (pending approval)

Action Plans

To view our Action Plans, please click on the plan desired below.

Action Plan / Year
Basic Skills Initiative Action Plan 2008-2009
Basic Skills Initiative Action Plan 2009-2010
Basic Skills Initiative Action Plan 2009-2012

Basic Skills Initiative Action Plan 2010-2011 (pending Committee review and approval)


Conference Report Outs

During the past six months, the Transitional Studies Advisory Committee has heard reports regarding the conferences listed below. If documentation is available, the conferences named below are linked to the report. Otherwise, the discussion/report out was captured in our Committee minutes, also linked. If more than one written report was given, the reports are attached to the author's/attendee's name below.


Conference, Date // Report Documentation

BSI Regional Meeting re Career and Technical Education, February 20, 2009
Transitional Studies Advisory Committee Minutes for February 26, 2009

Assessment Workshop, Feb. 26, 2009
Transitional Studies Advisory Committee Minutes for March 26, 2009

BSI Regional Conference on Contextualized
Teaching and Learning, March 11-12, 2009

J. Redding Report

California Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages
(CATESOL), April 17-19, 2009

Transitional Studies Advisory Committee Minutes for April 23, 2009

Santa Barbara City College Colloquium on Basic Skills,
April 24, 2009

M. Dean Report

J. Redding Report

Also refer to S.B. City College website re same at:

Basic Skills Bootcamp sponsored by Chaffey College,
May 29-31, 2009

J. Redding Report

BSI Coordinators Workshop, Sept. 17-18, 2009

J. Redding Report
General Session Notes
Proposal Rubric
Supplemental Instruction Evaluation Guidelines
"Freedom Writer" Guidelines

BSI Workshop on Student Completion, April 9, 2010 (Mt. SAC)

J. Redding Report

CalADE First Annual State Conference, April 23, 2010 (Anaheim)

J. Redding Report

Basic Skills Initiative

For background on the Basic Skills Initiative (BSI), please download the Basic Skills as a Foundation for Student Success in California Community Colleges literature review (affectionately referred to as "The Poppy Copy"), available at and search within the site for "Basic Skills Handbook."


For Statewide data regarding Basic Skills students in California, view the PowerPoint given to all community colleges by teams of experts throughout 2007-2008, attached.

For recent information on Transitional Studies (aka Basic Skills) students at Oxnard College, review the Report distributed by Lisa Hopper (Research Assistant for Carolyn Inouye, Dean of Instructional Services and Institutional Research) at the March 26, 2009 Transitional Studies Advisory Committee meeting.

For reports on the Success Academy students, please refer to one of the following:

• Formal Reports generated by Dr. Carolyn Inouye's Office reporting on both English and Math Success Academy students: (1) Grade Distributions; (2) Comparison to Regular Offerings; and (3) Retention and Success Rates

Marlene Dean's informal report on Success Academy math students

• Margaret M's informal report on Success Academy English students

ARCC Data 2009

CB021 Coding

CB021 Coding Rubric

Community Statistics for Oxnard Community

ESL Preliminary Persistence Data


The following courses are Transitional Studies English and Math courses, available at the Curriculum Committee website under "Final" course outlines of record:

English as a Second Language

Conversation/Speaking Sequence
ESL R040 - English Conversation 1
ESL R042 - English Conversation 2
ESL R044 - English Conversation 3
ESL R046 - ESL Oral/Listening Skills


ENGL R050 - Reading Skills 1
ENGL R052 - Reading Skills 2
ENGL R054 - Reading Skills 3



ESL R060 - Grammar/Writing 1
ESL R062 - Grammar/Writing 2
ESL R064 - Grammar/Writing 3


ENGL R066 - Grammar/Writing 4
ENGL R068 - Basic Composition
ENGL R096 - Intermediate Composition
ENGL R100 - Composition: ESL Emphasis

English Success Academy Courses

ENGL R066A - Grammar and Writing, Part A
ENGL R066B - Grammar and Writing, Part B
ENGL R066C - Grammar and Writing, Part C
ENGL R068A - Basic Composition, Part A
ENGL R068B - Basic Composition, Part B


MATH R009 - Basic Mathematics
MATH R010 - Pre-Algebra
MATH R011 - Elementary Algebra

Mathematics Success Academy Courses

MATH R009A - Basic Math I
MATH R009B - Basic Math II
MATH R009C - Basic Math III
MATH R010A - Pre-Algebra I
MATH R010B - Pre-Algebra II
MATH R010C - Pre-Algebra III
MATH R010D - Pre-Algebra IV
MATH R011A - Elementary Algebra I
MATH R011B - Elementary Algebra II

The Success Academy

The Success Academy is an open entry/open exit lab staffed by faculty and supported by paraprofessional tutors and student tutors. Traditional math and English credit courses are offered in this modular, alternative format to afford students greater flexibility and individualized attention. The Success Academy utilizes primarily Plato Systems Software.

Success Academy hours for fall and spring are as follows:

Monday through Thursday: 7:30 a.m. to 4 p.m.; 5 p.m. to 9 p.m.
Fridays: 9 a.m. to 2 p.m.

The Success Academy lead faculty member is Marlene Dean, reachable at or by phone at (805) 986-5800 ext. 1934.

The Faculty Summer Institute

On May 26-27, 2009, a Faculty Summer Institute was held. Thirty-six instructors participated. To learn more, go to our page above in the left-hand navigation bar specifically detailing what was presented. In addition, on May 24-25, 2010, a Summer Institute was held (involving faculty, staff, and administrators). Thirty-one people participated (either presenting and/or attending). The details from the 2010 Institute are also included on the above-referenced page.


Throughout the year, various members of the Transitional Studies Advisory Committee brought in articles of interest. They are posted here for your reading pleasure:

State-defined ESL Competencies in:
Basic Skills Education at Pasadena City College's Teaching and Learning Center
W. Norton Grubb's "Institutional and Instructional Approaches to Basic Skills
Instruction in California Community Colleges"

"Lessons From a 2-Year-College 'Master Class'"
"Use of Part-Time Instructors Tied to Lower Student Success"
"Writing Is Not Just a Basic Skill"
"College Opportunities for State Residents Ebb"
"Connecting Schools and Colleges: More Rhetoric Than Reality"
"Community-College Students Shun Basic Courses"
"Community College Policy Research"

Coordination of Entry and Exit Skills

Both the Letters and Mathematics Departments are working on more closely aligning entry and exit skills for English as a Second Language, English, and Mathematics course sequences. Please feel free to read the memos posted below.

For English/ESL: J. Redding's Memo to Faculty

For Mathematics: M. Bates' Update Report
Math Topics Memo

Documents reflecting a continuation of the alignment of entry and exit skills for Academic Year 2009-2010 are posted below.

Credit ESL Class Sequence

Noncredit Writing Rubric

Math Common Final Elements

Notes for Composition Alignment Flex Activity dated November 25, 2009

Mandatory Flex Day, August 13, 2010, Proposed Agenda (for Letters faculty)


For ESL/English issues specifically, the following documents are of interest:

Minutes from ESL Gathering dated October 8, 2009

Meeting re Improving ESL Enrollments dated March 11, 2010

ESL Support Calendar proposed by K. Engelsen, Dean of Student Services

S. Cabral Memo re Available Spanish-Language Assistance

Contact Us

For information on Transitional Studies at Oxnard College, please feel free to contact Mark Bates at (805) 986-5800 ext. 2044 or or Ken Sherwood, Dean of Liberal Studies at (805) 986-5804.