Useful Education Tools

Virus protection: Information Technology Services makes sure that Sophos, the virus-protection application, is installed on all campus computers, but did you know that the district has purchased licenses of Sophos for you to install on your home computer as well? You can download Sophos for Windows or Mac from the MyVCCCD portal; simply go to the Employee Information tab and click the "Antivirus Software" link in the Information Technology box (one installation per employee).

Lovely Charts: A mostly free, very easy to use, online flowchart-creation tool. Create, edit, and save charts in your web browser, then export then as .JPG or .PNG graphic files. Watch the screencast to learn more. A site dedicate to information and resources that can help instructors and students understand and prevent plagiarism.

Plagiarism Tutorial: The university libraries of the University of Southern Mississippi offer a free, online tutorial that helps students learn about plagiarism. They take pre- and post-tests on the topic and can have the results emailed both to themselves and to their instructor.

LibraryThing: A free website that allows users to catalog books they are currently reading, would like to read, and/or have read, along with other information about readers and reading. Use it to find out who else in the world is reading books you've assigned, or as a fun way to demonstrate to students how much reading is really going on out there. Refer students to the site to enhance their reading experiences.