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Consolidated Courses


What is Course Studio?

Course Studio is an educational application that provides online enhancement to any course. Every course that is not connected to Desire2Learn has a Course Studio component, which serves as a basic course homepage online. You can access the Course Studio page for your course(s) through the MyVCCCD portal by clicking the "My Courses" link (this link appears in the upper right corner of the portal page). This takes you to a list of all the courses you are teaching or attending for the semester (note that you can look at past semesters as well by selecting a semester or "All Terms" from the "Course Schedule for:" menu box (see illustration below). Links to Course Studio pages are designated by a "CS" logo ( Course Studio tag ) next to the course title.

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What happens to my course material when the semester is over?

At the moment, nothing happens for at least a couple of years. However, it will eventually be deleted, along with any materials or files you have placed within it. A way to preserve your files is to create a consolidated course (see below). The files in a consolidated course do not get deleted, so you can reuse them every semester.

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Consolidated Courses

Can I save or share files for use over more than one semester or in more than one class instead of having to upload them for every class?

Yes! The answer to this problem is to create a "consolidated course."  The consolidated course is an umbrella structure that is useful for sharing materials for A) a course you will teach more than once, and/or B) a course with multiple sections.

When creating a consolidated course, it will be helpful if you make the course title something relevant (e.g., if it's a course that will hold all of the Electrical Systems I/AC R020 classes, call it "Electrical Systems I"). This will prevent confusion.  Once you have created a consolidated course, a folder for its files is automatically created with that same name (such as "Electrical Systems I"). That folder is accessible to each class in the consolidated course in addition to the class's own individual folder. Thus, if I have a class named "Electrical Systems I - Fall 2010" that is a member of my consolidated course, when I (and my students) am in that individual course and am looking for files I will see a folder entitled "Electrical Systems I - Fall 2010" and a folder entitled "Electrical Systems I."

The difference is that the consolidated course folder "Electrical Systems I" is always there for any class you add to it, and you never have to upload those files again. For this reason consolidated courses are recommended.

The best thing about this is that you can just keep adding every new semester's course as it becomes available. When you do so, the consolidated course folder and the files you’ve placed in it automatically become accessible.

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