What should I expect when I take the assessment test?

Keep in mind:

  • This is not an admissions test -- it is the way to determine the best English, Math and/or ESL classes for you
  • Assessment tests are not pass/fail -- you want to do your best
  • Assessment tests are not timed -- take the time you need to finish and do well
  • You cannot "cram" for a placement test, but you do want to prepare so that you can get credit for what you already know (See preparation tips)

What to expect when you take your placement tests:

  • Assessments are offered on a drop-in basis during regular Assessment Center Hours
  • You can take as long as you need  -- if you don't finish, you can return at another time
  • Pencils and scratch paper will be provided; calculators are not allowed
  • No children are allowed in the testing center
  • OC parking passes are required when on campus
  • Upon completion, you can make an appointment for orientaion