Learning Center


Through a variety of programmed learning materials, covering many disciplines, the Learning Center provides a broad range of services to supplement classroom instruction across the curriculum and encourage individualized independent study. A variety of services and resources are available for students, faculty, staff and members of the community. The Oxnard College Learning Center is a comprehensive learning assistance center that serves the general population, special program students and the community. Many students who use the Learning Center resources and programs, are striving to improve their academic abilities.


To meet the learning styles and individual needs of the population served, the Learning Center strives to broaden knowledge and perspectives; develop critical thinking and communication skills; enhance cultural literacy; encourage a positive attitude toward learning; and equip students to participate in a complex, interdependent world. The Learning Center assists in the area of Basic Skills Education by having programs designed to enable those with special learning needs to reach their educational goals.

Who Is Served?

A comprehensive learning environment, the Learning Center provides both, instructional and student support services, to our diverse population of students who are matriculating throughout the college. The mission of this department is that it strives to develop independent, life-long learners by providing individualized supplemental resources to enhance instruction for courses across the curriculum. The Learning Center is dedicated to working collaboratively with the community, faculty and staff. In an effort to meet the ever-changing environment and support the expanding curriculum, the Learning Center provides supplemental teaching-learning options not available in the self-contained classroom. The Learning Center is an integral part in providing for our students an area where they can develop and become independent life-long learners and develop self-actualizing skills. The Center is to and does accommodate diverse learning styles and provides teaching-learning options not available in the self-contained classroom.

The Learning Center is utilized by students from all disciplines, who desire to excel or simply want to work on areas of scholastic deficiency. These students are at a wide spectrum across the academic levels. Some students are re-entering the academic environment after many years, others are recent high school graduates, and still others want to develop their English language skills or may have physical and/or learning disabilities. We also have language acquisition students for foreign language.


Tricia Cayabyab
Learning Resources Supervisor
(805) 986-5949