Distance Education

Technology-Assisted Instruction

Part of the mission statement at Oxnard College says that we will provide excellent and unique educational programs for our diverse community. In keeping with that theme, Oxnard College currently offers several alternative modes of course delivery through the use of technology.

Oxnard College uses technology to teach in many different ways. We offer distance education courses, we offer courses in “smart classrooms,” and we offer courses through the Success Academy located on the second floor of the LRC.

Distance Education

Oxnard College offers several different forms of distance learning, such as telecourses, hybrid courses, and online courses. Telecourses offer some or all instruction via television. Hybrid courses meet partially online and partially in a traditional classroom. Online classes meet almost exclusively online (some instructors may require a face-to-face meeting and/or on-campus testing).

The alternate modes of instruction in distance education benefit many modern students because of the convenience and flexibility in scheduling. While these courses offer non-traditional modes of delivery, they are still courses with the same demands and requirements as their traditional face-to-face counterparts.

Online courses require motivated students to possess the ability to work independently and the ability to learn from the written word. Students must also have good time-management skills and good basic computer skills (the ability to surf the web, send an email attachment, and use a word-processing program like Microsoft Word).

Students must have access to a reliable computer with an internet connection; DSL or cable modem is strongly recommended, but 56K modem speed would be sufficient. Your computer should run a Windows 2000 operating system or higher. Students are expected to have basic computer skills, an email account, and experience using a web browser before class starts.

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