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Oxnard College Tableau Dashboards

Institutional Effectiveness

Select a Dashboard to drill down further into the dis-aggregated data. Click on the green boxes at the top to change views. Select various dropdown options, such as Discipline, Gender and Ethnicity. Hover over the bars to display detail information.

Course Success & Retention MAPS

Course Success Rates  The percentage of students in a course that successfully make it through the course with a grade of C or higher, including Pass/Credit.


Course Retention Rates   The percentage of students who stay enrolled in a course and complete it to the end of the term, regardless of a passing or failing grade. These students do not (W)ithdraw.

Course Success & Completion

Method of Instruction Success & Retention MAPS

Method of Instruction    The percentages and number of students split into two bars: Distance Education and Face to Face. Shows % Success Rates, % Completion Rates and Success and Retention by Ethnicity and Discipline.

GPA Averages MAPS

Average GPA Cumulative GPA by Gender, Ethnicity, Age.


GPA Averages

Persistence MAPS

View both   Fall to Fall  and  Fall to Spring.


Academic Standing MAPS

View Dismissal and Probation Letters by gender, ethnicity and enrollment status (continuing, first-time, etc).


Overall Headcounts, Census Age Groups, Student Units, Goals and Majors, Full-Part Time & Day-Evening, and Zip Codes based on 4th Week Data Fall 2011 to Fall 2015

DEMOGRAPHICS   (opens in new window)

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Oxnard Demographics 2011-15


Ventura County Occupations and Oxnard College Degrees. Top 50 Fastest Growing and Projected Jobs, 2004-2015 Employed by Industry, OC Degrees within those Industries. Also Degrees & Certificates Award at Oxnard since 2011.

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Job Projections