Vocational English as a Second Language (VESL)


VESLOxnard College's VESL for Industry Program is designed to work with employers to develop, design and implement programs tailored to the specific needs of their businesses/workplaces.  The goal is to provide training that improves the English skills of program participants to increase  on-the-job safety, enhance efficiency and reduce errors:  all of which help both employer and employee by increasing saftey, profitability and competiveness in the challenging market of today.

VESL staff begin the process by working with the individual employers to design an industry-specific English assessment that is given to their employees.  Once that section is completed, individualized packages of instruction are created that are then taught onsite during release time specifically set up with the employer for the VESL classes.


The next step in VESL delivery is to design a program that can be expanded to include not only employers and those currently employed but potential employees as well.  By developing an online delivery program to include assessments, materials and an online delivery process for the training, VESL can compliment their face-to-face training on campus and on employer sites to increase the range of services that can be made available to employers, employees and those seeking employment.

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