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Community College Economic & Workforce Development Program (CCEWDP)

The CCEWDP coordinates economic and workforce development programs among Calilfornia Community Colleges, marketing valuable programs to local and regional employers throughout the state. Oxnard College's Workplace Learning Resource Center (WpLRC) is part of a statewide network that provides assessments, and customized training for the employees of all types of businesses and companies. The WpLRC provides low-cost, yet completely customized training programs. Our training approach is unique in that we offer training at the work site or on our college campus which is based upon the unique needs of each organization. For more information on how the CCEWDP and California Community Colleges advance the state's economy, visit the website at

The purpose of the Workplace Learning Initiative is to provide business and industry with a variety of workplace learning services, including occupational-specific skills assessments, task analysis, basic skills, English as a Second Language, analytical and problem-solving skills, and teamwork.

As rapidly changing technology and the increased need for competitiveness in a global economy dominate in industry, the workforce must be continually upgraded with new skill sets and, most importantly, the ability to learn. Effective workplace learning programs are designed to meet the needs of the organization and the worker by successfully translating learning into improved job performance and increased potential for greater earnings. Through ten strategically placed Workplace Learning Resource Centers throughout California employers can find affordable on-site training to increase the knowledge and the potential of their workforce.


The WpLRC uses multiple measures that include standardized and customized assessments. All assessments are performance based designed to measure and analyze performance gaps in your business and your employees.


Employees can be incorporated from several different companies into training groups of smaller or larger sizes. In this way classes are not too small or too large, resulting in a more cooperative learning environment as well as being cost effective. Training programs are based on analysis of how specific processes, procedures and tasks are performed at YOUR facility with YOUR equipment.


The Oxnard College Workplace Learning Resource Center is committed to satisfying our customer. That satisfied customer is the employer that gains better trained, skilled and competent employees as a result of training developed and administered by WpLRC. In today's ever changing job market it is critical that employers and their respective employees remain on the cutting edge of today's complex global marketplace.


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