Contract Education

The Training Institute at Oxnard College (TIOC) operates within the Division of Economic Development and Innovation. The purpose of the Institute is to provide technical assistance and customized training support to employers who seek to maintain and increase the productivity of their workforce. We provide a variety of training options that include instruction in supervision, English-as-a-Second Language, Customer Service, Management and Leadership, Computer Skills, and much more. This highly effective and affordable training can be provided at our main campus or at the actual work site, depending on the preference of the employer. Please go to our Focus Area page for more information regarding our training services.

In addition, our college is a member of the California Community College Economic and Workforce Development Association which comprises a network of more than 100 Workforce Centers across the state. These Centers assist one another with research and curriculum needs. This valuable resource provides our Institute with a wealth of information and technical support to strengthen our delivery of instruction and assistance to employers. In essence, the guiding principle of our institute is that a strong and competitive workforce is the life-line to a successful andprosperous business. We can help. Call us today at (805) 986-5888.