Training Institute Oxnard College

We are committed to helping California businesses and organizations remain strong and competitive. Our purpose is to actively promote and support the growth of the state's economy by providing employers with consultation and customized training that allows them to maintain a capable and effective workforce.

  • Meeting the Needs of Business

    In an increasingly competitive and demanding environment, businesses as well as government agencies need the resources and the support system to build and/or improve the proficiency and professionalism of their workforce. The business community also needs access to essential tools and critical information that will enable them to enter and compete in the global marketplace. Through innovative, needs specific and high quality instruction and consulting, the Training Institute at Oxnard College has been meeting those needs for several years.

  • One Single Point of Contact

    Domestic or International, small or large, private or public, the Training Institute at Oxnard College was designed to help employers reach specific business and workforce performance and production goals. We provide company-specific training and consulting that is meant to meet the unique needs of a given employer. We deliver everything from basic skills to advanced professional training. Training needs assessment, program design and post evaluation to measure performance or production outcomes can be provided.

    Our Goals

    We seek out and work with local employers and industries so that the Training Institute can create customized programs that:

    • upgrade the skills of new and existing employees
    • provide professional development opportunities
    • help individuals transition to new jobs or positions
    • train workers in new and emerging fields
    • provide individual skills training, emphasizing training in high wage, high employment, and high skills fields
    • assist small businesses with new business development and growth issues
    • deliver strategic business consulting solutions

    The Training Institute works in partnership with businesses and industries to:

    • connect employers with potential employees
    • provide meaningful job-site training to students
    • support students as they pursue their career and employment goals

    Discover how the Training Institute at College can help your business grow and stay competitive, and how you can contribute to maintaining a highly skilled, employable regional workforce.

Economic & Workforce Development