CSUCI-OC Tutors at OC STEM Center

Fall 2015 

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OC STEM Tutor Schedule Fall 2015





(Math, Chemistry, and Physics)    


Hometown: Pahoa, Hawaii

Major: Mathematics and Applied Physics

Expected graduation year: 2016

My future career goals are….to become a professor


Jocelyn Olivares



Hometown : Santa Barbara, CA

Major : Biology with a chemistry minor

Expected Graduation Year : December 2015

My Future Career Goals are…: I wanted to be a vet
    when I was young 
and still love caring for animals.

Jocelyn-STEM Tutor


Robert Florence

(Math and Computer Science)


Hometown: Santa Clarita, CA

Major: Computer Science/ Mathematics

Expected Graduation year: 2017

My future career goals are…lead of software program
      development, Systems Analyst

STEM Tutor Robert

Cynthia Ly

(Chemistry and Biology )


Hometown : Ventura, CA

Major : Biology, minor in Chemistry

Expected Graduation Year : May 2016

My Future Career Goals are…: to become a high
school level Science teacher.



STEM Tutor Cynthia