BIOL R101 - General Biology

Course description:
This is a survey course that presents the major principles and phenomena governing biological systems. Topics include biological chemistry, the cellular basis of life, metabolism, nutrition, reproduction, genetics, DNA modification, evolution and recombinant DNA technologies. This course is designed for non-biology majors. It will satisfy the requirements for certain dental hygiene, nursing and physical therapy programs. Field trips may be required.


Prerequisite for:
BIOL R101 is required for ANAT R101 (General Human Anatomy).
This course can be taken with or as a prerequisite for BIOL R101L (General Biology Laboratory).

Degree fulfillment:
BIOL R101 can be used to fulfill major requirements for the following programs:

  • A.A. in Coastal Environmental Studies (required course)
  • A.A. in General Studies Pattern I, Natural Sciences emphasis
  • A.A. in General Studies Pattern II, Natural Sciences or Mathematics emphasis
  • A.A. in General Studies Pattern III, Natural Sciences or Mathematics emphasis
  • A.A. in Physics, Physical Science option (required course)

GE fulfillment:
BIOL R101 partially fulfills General Education requirement A (Natural Sciences) for all associate degrees at Oxnard College (when not used to fulfill a major requirement).

IGETC and CSU GE-Breadth fulfillment:

  • BIOL R101 partially fulfills the Area 5 (Physical and Biological Sciences) requirement for IGETC certification.
  • BIOL R101 partially fulfills the Area B (Scientific Inquiry and Quantitative Reasoning) requirement for CSU-GE Breadth certification.

See a counselor for more information on IGETC or CSU GE-Breadth certification.

Some transfer information:

Credit for BIOL R101 can be transferred to several universities; the chart below shows a few of the possibilities. For more complete transfer information, see a counselor at the Transfer Center or visit ASSIST online.

University          BIOL R101 equivalent
CSUCI BIOL 100 or BIOL 170


Supplemental Course Materials, listed by instructor

Professor: Lorraine Buckley
Contact info: Email:

Class notes:
Chapter 1 (PDF)
Chapter 2 (PDF)
Chapter 3 (PDF)
Chapter 4 (PDF)
Chapter 5 (PDF)
Chapter 6 (PDF)
Chapter 8 (PDF)
Chapter 9 (PDF)
Chapter 10 (PDF)
Chapters 11 and 12 (PDF)

Cells (PDF)
Chapter 2 (PDF)
Chapter 3, Crossword 1 (PDF)
Chapter 3, Crossword 2 (PDF)
Chapter 9 (PDF); Answers (PDF)
Chapter 10 (PDF); Chapter 10 (PDF)

Chapter 1: Correlations vs. Experiments (PDF)
Chapter 1: Experimental Analysis 1 (PDF)
Chapter 1: Experimental Analysis 2 (PDF)
Chapter 1: Experimental Analysis 3 (PDF)
Chapter 1: The Scientific Method (PDF)
Cell Respiration vs. Photosynthesis (PDF)
Cladogram (PDF)
Diffusion (PDF)
Enzymes (PDF)
Macronutrients (PDF)
Metabolic Pathways (PDF)
Mitosis vs. Meiosis (PDF)
Transport across Membranes (PDF)